5 Geeky Celeb looks Burning our Loins!

5 Geeky Celeb looks Burning our Loins!

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas! If you’ve had enough of this week already, here’s some mid week inspiration to get you through. While ertsy is all about empowerment, art and luxe-life, a little bit of entertainment has never hurt anyone. Especially, when you’re working/studying so close to the holiday week and just not able to work all the sh*t life is throwing your way.

Well, the ertsy way of dealing with failure usually is a little more serious and not that it isn’t important; sometimes, you just need some light in life to light you up.


So, what is a Geek? According to google it is ‘an unfashionable or socially inept person’. But, what is Geeky Fashion, well, that’s well dressed people with glasses, minimalism and with a certain charming reputation to them. Yes! The kind of people who topped our classes, only a lot more good looking. *I am kidding* And if you’d like the men in your life to light up in the same way, there’s always these glasses for men from Kraftly.

And, well, I don’t care if we’re still dealing with average male geek representation on screen, the geeky look is always what gets to us women. Especially when the one behind those glasses is oh so hot!

Now, now, now, I’d rather not talk about anything and rather just throw some super hot geeky celeb looks that are definitely burning our loins! You know, Rachel’s loins. *wink wink*

1) Hrithik Roshan

Maybe he is seen less in the movie seen but is he getting any less hot? Never.


Image Via: Pinterest


2) Ranbir Kapoor

Just so you know, he’s also newly single and that smile is just… how is he single, again. :3


Image Via: Wetellyouhow

3) Arjun Rampal

Maybe he’s got a bad choice when it comes to movies or maybe he is just a bad actor, who cares, though, he’s still hot af and never-ever disappoints.


Image Via: bollywoodlife.com


4) Shahid Kapoor

With his acting and movie choices shooting his career beyond our imagination, his hotness and that cheeky cute looks keep him adorable and desirable as ever.


Image Via Filmfare


5) Ranveer Singh

No list in contemporary times is complete without Ranveer Singh. Not even this one; even with that absurd fashion sense! <3


Image Via Wedio.in


Don’t forget to check out Kraftly for all of these styles and more, make for great gifts, I say. *wink*

Till then, stay ertsy and be your own desire. xx

Featured Image Via Pinterest

Gif via Giphy

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