5 Secrets to a successful Long Distance Relationship

Has a Long Distance Relationship(LDR) ever worked, you wonder, till you get into one!
Complications, occasional loneliness and tons of disapproval is what an LDR is made of. While people believe that long distance relationships don’t work out, here’re 5 Secrets to a successful Long Distance Relationship from a pro. 😛

  1. Stay Honest and Positive

    Honesty is at the base of any strong relationship, long distance or not. You should be honest to your partner. Share your feelings of fear, insecurity, jealously and so on. And believe them for their honesty, as well. In essence your words are the only thing you have.

  2. Find Multiple ways to stay connected


    Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, IDK what not. It is to cool stalk each other but it is more important to feel that you know what is happening in their lives. AND SKYPE DATES!

  3. Don’t Over-Think or Over-Indulge

    Communication is important for every relationship but excess of very thing is bad. Don’t start acting over-attached whatsoever! And unnecessary possessiveness is never pretty.

  4. Prioritise

    They may be the most important person in the world for you but you sure can not let your career suffer on that pretext. So, it is always a good idea to prioritise and even try to sync your schedules. Talk and discuss about these things in advance; never make one person sacrifice for the sake of the relationship. It is a two people effort, keep it that way.
    Trust me, this will save you from a lot of drama.

  5. Make Plans

    Making plans is best part about a long distance relationship! Make super-extensive plans about upcoming dates, meet-ups, outings and even if it is a 5-minute touch and go. Pick them up when they are in the city, catch a burger. Make them feel they’re waited for and return the favour when they do that! Be appreciative and stay tight!

Yes! It may get difficult and may even seem like a lot of work but LDRs were never easy in the first place. Share your LDR experience with me in comments below.



Aditi Parashar
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5 thoughts on “5 Secrets to a successful Long Distance Relationship

  1. Very informative article. Now I can have my long distance relationship with my gf who lives with lions and hippopotamus in forests of Congo, Africa. She was so needy and alone and I told her my fake breakup stories and achieved sympathy to get laid. I will now give priorities to my career that is actually nothing.
    Also I won’t over indulge when she goes to loo.
    Thank you!

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