5 step guide to finding your Signature Style

5 step guide to finding your Signature Style

When I name influential women and men across eras, you can’t help but picture them in a certain outfit or a signature style. Whether it is Marylin Monroe’s white dress and bob-cut hair, Grace Coddington’s minimalist outfits, Diane Von Furstenberg’s all big, or Karl Lagerfeld’s loud white collars. In fact, fashion icons or not, people have always made an impact with their signature style. Think Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, Michelle Obama, and so on.

The key to this style doesn’t lie, however, in sporting it every day, but making dressing-up easy and powerful, all at once. I am a lazy dresser (except when shooting for the blog) so, I resonate this sentiment with utmost honesty. Sometimes, style isn’t even about dressing up, it just about how you carry it. Nonetheless, we have to find it.

So, here’s a blog with a 5 step guide to finding your Signature Style. I’ve also included pictures of something which is my signature style. Well, it is a mix of bohemian and chic, dramatic fashion pieces with high collars, hair let down, and (always) comfortable shoes.

Before we begin, I want to set some ground rules: Ertsy promotes an ecosystem of fashion based empowerment. Style is a personal weapon; keyword being personal. With that said, comfort is still what I value the most. So, if you’re not comfortable with something, irrespective how good it looks on you, learn to let it go. And this is the most important premise of this whole guide.

Now, onto the guide:

Step 1. Understand and embrace your body type

5 step guide to finding your Signature Style

Of course, you know what your body type is, however, due to less diversity present in the popular media, sometimes it becomes harder to find the right inspiration. Which is why it is important to understand your body type from a perspective of fashion. The easiest way to it is to go for silhouettes. Buy clothes that match the silhouettes of your body and you’ll never regret. This is also a great way to be able to love and embrace your body when you armor it with the finesse of fashion.

Step 2. Create Personalized Mood boards

5 step guide to finding your Signature Style

To enhance your imagination, create a mood board. Visualise with the help of colors, pieces, and even pictures of fashionistas that correspond the most to your understanding of fashion. Be sure to go for whatever suits your personality and carries your vision. Vintage, thrifty, designer, put them all in and mix ’em up till you have exactly what screams you. Pinterest, magazine cutouts, or whatever works for you.

Step 3. Audit your Closet

5 step guide to finding your Signature Style

Now that you have a set of inspiration and have chosen the direction to move forward in, it is time to dump the old clothes. It is very important to first get rid of the ‘comfort pieces’ that you end up wearing on days you don’t want to dress up. I’m not against that in the long run, it just hampers your conquest. Besides, it pumps you up and gives you space for shopping those new pieces, too.

Step 4. Try without being afraid to make mistakes

5 step guide to finding your Signature Style

Now, this is the more difficult part. You have to now wear your signature style out in the open. And don’t be scared to make mistakes, the fashion police got nothing on a fashion adventurer. As long as you are comfortable, rock on.

Step 5. Adapt and rotate

5 step guide to finding your Signature Style

Now that you’ve conquered step four, go back to the basics of decision making. Believe in feedback, look at trends that can act as an enhancement, adapt, and rotate. Your signature style may be one but it should also be ever-evolving and be growing up with you and the changes in your scenery. (Basically, different clothes for work, casual outings, lounge, date, etc) Also, don’t be afraid of uniforms. No matter how awful it sounds, uniforms in fashion are actually a statement. So, if you strike a balance to create your perfect style, go nuts wearing it every day.


Bonus Step: Follow Fashion Influencers, like me for some quick fashion inspirations in your Instagram feed or on blogs. 😛

5 step guide to finding your Signature Style

So, hope this helps you create and stick to your own signature style. If you know of any other steps I could add, do comment below and help me learn something new. For my other travel in style adventures, keep following ertsy. Till then, be your own desire.

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