5 Winter Lazy Fashionista hacks

5 Winter Lazy Fashionista hacks

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas or lazy fashionistas, is it! Well, well, well; here at Ertsy, we completely understand that loving fashion in being lazy is not a very amicable combination but then, what are we here for if not to make your life easier and let you be your own desire! *wink*

So, we’ve got 5 awesome lazy fashionista hacks for you to look absolutely chic at an honest minimal effort. And, trust us when we say this, no one but us wanted this list more than anyone! The list is owed to these awesome products we have found at Kraftly and are straight from their casual women winter wear collection that ought to be loved this season.

And before you think that this is a curated listicle, it isn’t… it is from my own closet (or referred closet)!

So, here’s the awesome list:

1) Sweater on a skirt


This has to be my favourite go to code whenever I want to look dressed up but am running late because I stayed under covers for those extra minutes in those chills. You can always double it with a light scarf!


2) Quirky Knit Sweaters and Caps


This definitely has to be the easiest and quirkiest of ’em all. You put together a cool knit sweater with a jeans and put a summer cap or a winter cap and viola! Easy-peasy and so rock-chick.


3) Coat Dress


The do-ability of this hack depends on the kind of coats you own, the suaver, the better. Wear stockings underneath and match a pair of boots to look rad af every day!


4) Sweaters and Leggings


Earlier this year, we were forced to believe that leggings are now out of the winter fashion spectrum but with this year’s winter fashion trends and collections, we know that they here to stay and comfort us lazy divas forever! *snuggles*


5) Quirky Hoodies


Well, this has to be the laziest by far, but then we all know of days when the winter moods do come down to this! So, make sure your wardrobe is full of quirky hoodies to hide yourself in but obviously in style! *wink*


So, that’s for the lazy girl fashion today. Do check out Kraftly for all of these outfits and stay Ertsy with us!! xx

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8 thoughts on “5 Winter Lazy Fashionista hacks

  1. Great! Something for me. 😀 I really don´t like to doll up myself during winter. Best “fashion” for me now are pair of leggings and oversized t-shirt and big cardi.

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