A ‘Travel In Style’ blog to capture the essence of everything in and around the travel lifestyle but with an eye for fashion by Aditi Parashar. A 22 year old, hyper-functioning-introverted, desi girl based in Paris, dwelling on art and is here to experiment and break the stereotypical barriers to create a space that makes you fall in love with yourself.

If you believe in the niche that substantiates a person. That’s what is life to us. And, Ertsy is a medium!

Get your dose of Β Unconventional Body Styling, Experience Travel, Luxe lifestyle, Life Hacks and Organic Content, right here.

Or be inspired by Ertsy Growth that features inspirational entrepreneurs, talk about mental health and self-enhancement and financial management.

If you feel like escaping into the world of fiction, we’ve got that for you, too.

Ertsy is all about creating a holistic personality, fulfillingΒ travel life, and enhancing the quality of life

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