A ‘Travel In Style’ blog to capture the essence of everything in and around the travel lifestyle but with an eye for fashion by Aditi Parashar. A 22 year old, hyper-functioning-introverted, desi girl based in Paris, dwelling on art and is here to experiment and break the stereotypical barriers to create a space that makes you fall in love with yourself.

If you, believe in the niche that substantiates a person. That’s what is life to us. And, Ertsy is a medium!

Ertsy is timeless and graceful. It is like the setting sun on the horizon, stark and beautiful and yet so serene that it would invoke not just desire and lust but artistry. Ertsy is a way of life. Fashion is mystical and charming not unlike first love. The secrecy, the revelation, the boldness, the shyness, it is all but one thing.

Be a part of the Ertsy family, today!
be Your Own Desire!

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