5 Geeky Celeb looks Burning our Loins!

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas! If you've had enough of this week already, here's some mid week inspiration to get you through. While ertsy is all about empowerment, art and luxe-life, a little bit of entertainment has never hurt anyone. Especially, when you're working/studying so close to the holiday week and just

5 Saree Songs for a bomb Wedding Playlist

Hey, Ertsy people! The wedding season is here and it is sizzling and we Ertsy people never lag behind whether it is the fun or the music. Keeping up with our fashion and heritage of suave, here's a list of 5  Saree Songs for a bomb playlist and that's not

Madaari: A testament of Irrfan’s Talent (Full Movie Review, no spoilers)

Hey, Ertsy people, in our own fashion, we’re reviewing the latest movie — Madaari today. And chill, because it is completely spoiler free! —Madaari by the exact meaning of the word refers to the person who runs the show. And, this movie’s Madaari is rightly, the unconventional Khan — Irrfan! A story

An Open Letter to SRK… from an Honest SRK FAN!

Dear SRK,I’m one among the millions of fans you have and I’m not writing this letter to seek recognition. All I claim is ‘5 minutes’ of your life. I know, I know, aapki life hai, aap 5-second bhi kyu do (It’s your life, why would you spare 5 seconds right?),

10 Celebrity Couples giving us major Relationship Goals

Amidst all the break-ups that 2016 has started with, I just had to compile a list of these 10 Celebrity Couples giving us major Relationship Goals! Not only are they our favourite but what makes them so is their effortless chemistry and the unmoved spirit and strength with which they have