5 ways I survive the world of Makeup

5 ways I survive the world of Makeup

First things first, I don't know how makeup works. If this is not your first time on my blog, you know this already. I go au naturel due to lack of alternatives and expertise. However, in the past few months of transitioning into a (more serious) blogger, moving to Paris

3 must visit places in Paris for Art Lovers

5 must visit places in Paris for Art Lovers

In an attempt to rekindle the (faux) artist in me, I have decided to dedicate this week to art, as promised in my last post (Vintage Vanity). So, this article is specifically an ode to Paris, but the Paris for Art Lovers. Of course, if you've just decided to go around

5 French Proverbs that exemplify the beauty of the language

French Proverbs, French Music, Paris Streets

In the brief that I've spent in France, I've come to understand one this in its utmost certainty - you need to learn the language. Like all other things French, the language too is not as necessary for survival here as it is for the quality of life. Besides, irrespective of

3 Natural Hair Care Routines everyone needs to follow

3 Natural Hair Care Routines everyone needs to follow

As a twenty two year old female, I can arguably say that my set of priorities are quite vivid and diverse. However, over the years, if there's only one thing I've come to love about myself, it is my hair. You see, when you are a bundle of insecurities and

5 smart travel hacks for budget traveler

Whether I'm trying to unwind, relax, looking for thrill, or seeking new experiences, travel is what I turn to. So, it is only fair to say that my life is all about traveling. However, if you've spent considerable amount of time moving around, you'd know that it sure is not

10 Interesting Facts you didn’t know about Venice

Things you didn't know about Venice, Venetian Holiday

In an attempt to collect the most wonderful things about places I 'Travel in Style' to, I always give a new spectacle of vision to understand and explore the 'about' of a place. In the same spirit, I visited the beautiful city Venice this weekend. As usual, I couldn't help

5 Places in my Travel bucket

5 Places in my Travel bucket Paris

Hey Ertsy people! For everyone who's been reading this blog, my love for travel in style is literally no news. Another thing about me, which is hard to miss is the fact that I love lists. So, when I had the idea to make a travel bucket list, enthusiasm was

5 Under 10 Minute Recipes on go

Hey, Ertsy Fashionistas! If you've been reading my blog, you know that I've shifted from Delhi to Paris 4 months ago to pursue my higher studies and boy, has it been stressful! If the trauma of transition from India to France wasn't enough for I had to leave my family, my friends

Personalising Accessories for a traveller

"Travel Far enough to meet yourself." The world has always had so much to offer to the mankind, whether it is the nature, fashion, culture or the architecture, the plethora of adventures that lay ahead of a person is indefinite. This is why, we at Ertsy, value the power of travelling

5 Decor Hacks for your Bachelor Pad

The whole Ertsy community knows how I have moved out of my parent's home to my own apartment (in Paris, yes!). And, I'm always looking for great ways to make myself feel more at home in this Bachelor Pad I call home. While it has certainly been difficult shifting my life,