Chic Unwind #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Chic Unwind #ErtsyLookOftheWeek

Hallo vrienden! << Hello Friends in Dutch>> Today’s post is straight out of Amsterdam, and so am I writing this at this later hour and last minute. Now, this is not because I am lazy, but truly because I had so much work for the past few weeks that I decided to relax a bit this weekend and hence. The look is another ‘Travel in Style‘ classic with Ertsy styling quotient in it. And, this week’s outfit is all about ‘relaxing in style’; the chic unwind.

Yes, all looks at Ertsy are about comfort and style, but this one is more about highlighting the chic. You see, sometimes, to feel good, you got to look good. Especially, after those days when you haven’t paid any attention to yourself.

(By the way, I know it isn’t very obvious, but I also got a hair-cut. Because I was tired of my long, heavy hair. It is still pretty long, but I’ve got some layers so that it is less heavy!)

Moreover, no place to unwind like Amsterdam for me. (I also met a blogger friend on my trip this time; it was amazing.) The place has so much to offer at the best of budgets and in most solid experiences. Rememeber, I mentioned in my other blog with 5 off-beat things to do in Amsterdam. Now, go ahead and read it first if you haven’t yet.

The thought is to be relaxed in the outfit and move around at will while looking chic AF.


The Chic Unwind Look:

Black Bohemian Style, Ruffle Dress

Black bellies with lace tie-ups

Brown Sling Bag

Accessories: Gold around the waist Body Chain with Necklace

Choker Necklace

Blue feather-style, Vintage Earrings

Make-up: Eye-liner, any highlighting eye-shadow, Pink lipstick.


Chic Unwind #ErtsyLookOftheWeek

Chic Unwind #ErtsyLookOftheWeek


So, that’s for the look this week. I’d love to know your thoughts on this, my new haircut, the new styles you want to read about and everything in between. I’d also like to know if you think I should get my hair really short for this summer (I actually might).

Till then, stay ertsy and always, be your own desire! xx

Aditi Parashar
"We rise when we lift others"~ 23; Traveling in Style | PositiveVibes | Feminist | Lux Management student in Paris Go ahead read my blog, and get ertsy with me! x

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