Choosing Best Blushes for Medium Skin

Choosing Best Blushes for Medium Skin

Being best friends with makeup is an art in itself! Almost everyone knows about its essentials and application but still many fail in getting the oh-so-perfect look, ever wondered why? Because they at times underrate their skin tone while they are choosing their makeup products. Blush is indeed an integral part of them and hence must be chosen with due care. These pretty powders provide the much-needed spark, dimension and warmth to your face. For medium skin tones, different types of blushes go great depending on particular skin undertones. We are presenting the best blushes for medium skin that belongs to three basic shades. Buy these and other makeup products at pocket-friendly prices by putting amazing Purplle coupons to use.


The Cute Corals

For the people possessing warm undertones, coral shades do wonders as this cute color perfectly complements your face and gives you a funky yet elegant vibe. These two blushes rule the world when the talk is about corals-

·       Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Infusion by Hourglass

If you were in search of a coral blush that makes your skin fall in love with it all over again, this is the one! We love how this adorable shade turns out and gives your face the most dazzled up look it was craving for from such a long time. Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Infusion Blush by Hourglass has always been appreciated for the gold flecks it carries and these fantastic flecks give a warm appeal to your undertones that ultimately look phenomenal. The spectacular sparkle and shine it emanates need no description at all; you are going to love this for sure.

·       Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Peach 40

Talking about coral blushes, how can Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Peach 40 not be on our list? This is the perfect pick if you want a blush that can be on your side all the time. With the orangey undertone it comes up with, this blush work wonders for all the skin shades. But when it comes to medium and tan skin, the astounding look this pretty powder gifts them is what we call magic in real sense: it indeed is unmatchable.

Embrace the pretty pink

This rosy and cheerful shade suits amazingly to medium skin people having cool undertones. If you are the one, check out these two pretty pink shades on our list.

·       Milk Makeup Lip+ Cheek stick in swish

Who doesn’t love a pink blush? Everybody does! They always are on your mind when you are thinking about blushes, eyeshadows, lip shades and what not! Aren’t they? Milk Makeup Lip’s swish is one of the most fabulous pink blushes you will ever come across as the versatility it showcases is indescribable in its own self. It gives your face a rosy finish in the most natural and subtle way possible which in turn helps you in getting one of the most beautiful looks of your life. So when are you turning pink with this miraculous milk makeup shade?

·       Professional Makeup Ombre Blush in Sweet Spring

For all the makeup gurus out there who search for perfectionism in all that they embrace, nothing can come up as a better choice than professional Makeup Ombre Blush in sweet spring. The smooth and perfect texture it provides to each and every cheekbone it embraces makes it one of the most astounding pink shade blushes of all time. This one becomes your perfect partner in every way you want it to. With this, you never need to feel anxious about blending as it allows you to adjust its color perfectly as per your desire. And the textured finish it gifts to your face is irreplaceable! What else do you want now? Go for it today!

Behold the beautiful Berries

This charming shade will take your heart on a sleeve for sure. It goes stupendously splendid with medium skin people who are blessed with neutral undertones. These two are the perfect berry shades available in the market.

·       Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in X Rated

Here we present you the most appealing berry blush in the town! This Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in X Rated has always been on the top of favorite makeup products list of professionals and turns out to be the perfect fit if you are looking for a stunning berry blush that can be easily carried on at every occasion. When it comes to quality and application, it continues to rule the list again and you will not find a single reason to not fall in love with it. The purple undertones it possesses help you in getting a cool toned finish without worrying at all about washouts. What can be better than this?

·       The Balm Cabana Boy Blush

For all the last minute rushers out there, this blush comes up as the perfect saviour! It gives your face the blushed-up the look and turns out to be the best if you are looking for an everyday blush that you can easily apply when you are turning up for work or just a casual day out with your friends. Just ensure that you keep it light yet noticeable, and by this, your face will emanate the much-needed glam without putting in multiple efforts. So are you all set to embrace the magic that this classic berry blush comes up with? Get yours soon!


Blush breathtakingly all over again

Medium skin tones need not feel anxious anymore, as their quest for finding the right blush is over now. You can choose your favorite shade and get the suggested blush for the same from the above list and we assure that you will be satisfied with the beautiful results that follow. Blushes define your face like nothing else and if you are successful in choosing the perfect shade and applying it in a much-needed manner, nothing can stop you from emanating glamour like a diva! So all would be divas out there, are you ready to show your spectacular spark all over again? Pro Tip- Blush it right!


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