Everyday Ethnic Palazzo Suit #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

After too many formal and party styled looks, it became only inevitable to bring to you a look that was focused at your typical everyday fashion.

This time #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek is Everyday ethnic: Plazzo Suit

Highly comfortable and summer-friendly look, this is perfect for the hot weather as well as to amplify the beauty of your hot self. The styled look has three components – Colours, Design and Panache.

FYI: A Plazzo Suit is made up of a Kurta, i.e. a super long top worn in and around the south asian region, especially North India and Pakistan. A plazzo or plazzo pants are loose trousers with very wide leg space.

In hot places, like India, leggings and jeans are rather unlikely to be sported in dead-heat-summers and shorts and skirts might give you sun-burns. Which is why this super-comfortable and highly-fashionable style to help you cruise through summer like breeze!

The Look:

Colours: Make sure you use vibrant colours but on a darker side. The styles are obviously available in the lighter colours, too but while looking at the fashion quotient, dark vibrant colours will be more sorted.


Design: Go for plain designs. The other variant of the look is printed designs but that certainly may compromise on the class and chicness of your look.


Panache: To enhance your look, add a nice sling back and some accessories. You can choose from the basic earrings to a whole combination of bangles(wrist), rings and so on. Because we’re emphasising on comfort, a pair of wedges are a go to for the look!



BONUS: You may choose to have some light make-up to go with this super-comfortable style. Keep it light and refreshing for you don’t want to be all sweaty. Nothing on the face, maybe  light but vibrant shade of matching lip-color and some eye-liner.


Emphasise on your hair for a better look. I love my hair down, you may also go for a braid!




So, that’s it for the weeks ethnic plazzo look. Leave your feedback in the comments below, tell me about your styles and be your own desire! xx


Aditi Parashar
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  1. Amazing article. It’s very necessary to take care of yourself in summers. Specially in tropical countries like India where it has very hot summers. One should take care by sunburns and cover their skin in proper manner. Great work ertsy, keep it up!

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