Perfect Under ₹1K Gifts

Perfect Under ₹1K Gifts

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas! Hope the holiday season is treating you well with love, warmth and utmost sweetness (Chocolates, I mean). And the other aspect of a happy holiday season is brilliant gifting. I mean, what is even the point of Christmas without a thoughtful exchange of gifts and winter greetings. However, we at Ertsy, do understand that sometimes, gifting isn’t as easy as it looks like; especially when you’re broke or are just a student like me.

See, the holiday season is all about spreading the cheer and warmth and well, that’s exactly what the gifts help you convey. And, if it is the thought that counts after all, the appeal of the gift is of much higher importance than the price. So, if you too are stuck with the dilemma where you got to buy gifts for Christmas but you also got to care for the wallet, here is a set of some absolutely awesome things you can buy for your loved ones under INR 1000 or about 12 Euros.

The best part is that I’ve found them all here under 999 list and here under 699 list, all on one site! *THROWS CONFETTI*


Voila! Whether it is watches, bags, jewellery or stationary, Kraftly basically has everything to suit the need of your gifting list and all to sooth your pocket. Besides, there aren’t just these, there’s a lot more on the above links! (LOVE ‘EM)

Now go ahead spread the cheer with Kraftly, Christmas just got merrier! And don’t forget to always be a secret Santa for those who can use it the most. So, stay ertsy and be your own desire. x

Aditi Parashar
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