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Shouting out love to all my amazing readers! I'm thrilled to tell you that Ertsy Fashion has been climbing up the ladder of success and popularity, all because of your undying love and support!--This week's ErtsyLookOfTheWeek is basically an aesthetic delight! By all means, it will give you the perfect

5 Make up trends for THE season!

The make-up ritual is very personal to a lady and especially a fashion addict. This season is not about sketchy lines drawn haphazardly on your face; make-up this time around is all about definition, expression and structure. We unraveled various looks that emerged on the runway that spoke of a

I am Piece of Art

I am Piece of Art

 A monologue of my thoughts:While going through a major chunk of my pictures last night, all I could think about was how camera shy I am. Like, I never look straight at the camera and smile. Like, I am just not happy with myself. There‚Äôs always this need to make a