I am Piece of Art

I am Piece of Art

 A monologue of my thoughts:While going through a major chunk of my pictures last night, all I could think about was how camera shy I am. Like, I never look straight at the camera and smile. Like, I am just not happy with myself. There’s always this need to make a

Parisian Princess #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

With the amazing response coming every week, I'm not only enthused but also more eager to share the fashion looks I mix, match and create ! This Week's look is- The Parisian Princess. Paris is the mecca of fashion and the ErtsyLookOfTheWeek really does have everything Paris stands for - class, art, romance,

He painted me red

He painted me red.With his love,That you could tell, just by the way he looked at me,I was believing. Fast forward through years of content and life,I could see it too.They say words lie,Deceiving?He would care for me, like none would. Bare soul, like my feet.I’m walking.The sky is dark, like my


A poem by a poet who wishes to be identified by her pen-name -Annie O' Hara, I only post it for art and talent like such needs audience.There might be words for silence But not a remedy for heartache And I have been in pain since But now the pain is taking toll.Summers

The true rendition of a GIRL

‘Girl’Numerous things pop in the head whenever we think of the word.Many, generally, create an image of a female with humongous breasts, fashion addict, a titillating physique to match with, a voice like silk, twinkling eyes, but no less than a bear trap, what with all her PMSing, insatiable love

6 Life Hacks for every 20-something!

There’s nothing like being 20-something and not-so-surprisingly, you’ll never be in this decade ever again. I mean that’s how the wheel of time works, goes on and never comes back, yeah? Anyhow, so if you’re 20-something and sweating a little too much over life, let me tell you, it’s pretty