5 smart travel hacks for budget traveler

5 nonchalantly simple travel hacks

Whether I'm trying to unwind, relax, looking for a thrill, or seeking new experiences, travel is what I turn to. So, it is only fair to say that my life is all about traveling. However, if you've spent a considerable amount of time moving around, you'd know that it sure

5 things to do in Paris in Autumn

5 things to do in Paris in Autumn Fashion Travel

Upon completing a beautiful year in Paris, I can finally give you a deeper glance into everything Parisian. Or so I hope. Well, nonetheless, I can vouch for my favorite, Paris in Autumn. Now, even though there’s nothing quite beautiful like the cherry blossoms at Eiffel tower in the spring, the

5 Signs you’re an Alpha Female

5 Signs you're an Alpha Female

Right from the time we woman are born, we're asked to cover up, hide, be docile, quiet, and everything associated with being ashamed. It is sad, but in one intensity or another, depending on where we are from (culturally), we've all been taught this. However, since a society doesn't stand a

5 things I do to Deliver Better Under Pressure

5 things I do to Deliver Better Under Pressure

Life, in general, has always been kind to me. I have nothing to really complain about. It is also the positivity in me that always finds a little bit of a silver lining in everything. Working hard, too, has never scared me. In all honesty, I’ve always attempted more things

Prague Travel Diary

Prague Travel Diary: Things to do in Prague

To celebrate the fantastic start of the spring I had in Prague last weekend, I created a travel diary for you all with all awesome things to do in Prague.Outfit: Travel in Style!I’m wearing a Black blazer-style dress from Shein. Styling it with a pink beret, a pearl choker

Things to do in Goa

Things to do in Goa

For Indians, Goa is always that ‘forbidden fruit’ everyone wants to taste; for the rest of the world, it is a haven of beaches, freedom, and Indian culture in a perfect blend. At the onset of spring, I had the wonderful opportunity to finally make it to the place (and

5 Favorite Beach Outfits for the Season

5 Favorite Beach Outfits for the Season

While summer is an obvious time to go to the beach, the best time to be on the beach is in Spring. When the world is still cold and grey, some sun and waves can really breathe the life in you. I am talking from experience here. And, while I

5 favorite Hollywood bridesmaid dresses!

5 favorite Hollywood bridesmaid dresses!

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a new blog for a long time now. I can blame my MacBook troubles, my new work schedules, my crazy school projects or just tell you that it was a lot more complicated than that and move on. Nevertheless, the time I

Everything you need to know about the Paris fashion scene

Paris fashion scene

Last week when I talked about the Milan fashion scene, someone brought to my attention the fact that I’ve never actually talked about the Paris fashion scene. As an almost Parisian (lol), it is my moral duty to compile a fact guide with everything you need to know about the