The Formal Jazz! ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

The Formal Jazz! ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Continuing the Fashion trends here, this week’s ErtsyLookOfTheWeek is ‘The Formal Jazz’!

So, last week, I decided to clean my wardrobe and segregate my clothes for the changing season. In the process I found a lot of clothes that I don’t wear anymore because of the lack of the occasion or the change of dressing style. Clearly, the ones that were out of style had to be given away but what about those amazing clothes that I could totally wear if only there was one occasion… And then it hit me.

A mix and match!

So, I have

The Look:

I added sassy boots to the look and some great accessories like watch and a pair of sunglasses.


The whole idea was to keep the uniformity of colours. I chose three- Blue Black and Gold. Because it is still cold out here, I added a frock-style trench coat to it!



This added a tench of red so I chose to go with red and gold earrings with the whole look and damn was I impressed!


Oh, and because the bags are so important to complete a look, I added a black and white single latch canvas bag. This bag is compact, chick and the same time holds all your essentials well. Besides a bag like this helps you take a break from the conventional slings of hand bags.


Now, go ahead to create your own street ready formal look and jazz it up like I did. Your ideas, feedbacks and suggestions are most welcome!

Till then, be your own desire!


Aditi Parashar
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