Vega Spectra Product Review

Vega Spectra Product Review

If you know me just a little bit, you know how much I love my hair. In retrospect, you also know how many times I say that line. So, about my hair, well, I spend time on my tresses with natural remedies and products that would actually facilitate my hair care routines. As I spend this weekend in India, getting my hair oiled from my mom, I can only be thankful for having Vega Spectra Dual Color Combs.

In fact, I was so impressed when Vega sent me to try these that I decided to write a full fledged review to emphasize on their awesomeness. Besides, the right kind of comb is definitely a travel essential. For a travel-Holic and hair lover like me, it was only a matter of time that I found the right one and talked about it.


So, why Vega Spectra Dual Color Combs?

Let me tell you why…

Nothing says elegance like a combed head of hair and is beautifully handcrafted and vibrantly colored like these Vega Spectra Dual Color Combs. They are your solution to various problems you face in our daily lives like hair fall, splitting and damage of hair. Each comb is totally gentle on your scalp and ideal for sensitive skin.

Ever feel like a desperate head massage in the middle of somewhere? Don’t worry, Vega Spectra combs are there for you! They give gentle, soothing massages, stimulate your hair cuticle’s natural oil and give you strong & healthy hair!

Oh, and the dual color concept is so cool. Don’t like blue? Well, switch it over, With a different color on each side, it makes even combing your hair fun! So, really, as Vega Spectra Dual Combs ask, What’s your color today?

And, I honestly couldn’t find any con with these beautiful, trendy combs. Plus the precision with which they detangle my hair is what made me their big fan. (Least amount of hair-fall when combing!)


Vega Spectra Review

So, that was my product review for the Vega Spectra combs. For my travel in style adventures, keep following ertsy. Till then, stay ertsy and be your own desire.


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