Wedding Colour Pallet: White & Gold

Wedding Colour Pallet: White & Gold

Hey Ertsy Fashionistas! If there’s been one thing that has been killing us more than the winter, it is the Great Indian Wedding season. Ertsy team has been curating a lot of wedding hacks for you throughout the season whether it is for the hairstyles or the saree-playlist. To take it to the next level, we just thought, it would be fun to have a nice curated pallet with the best of the stuff for your wedding outfit.

So, courtesy our partner in crime, Kraftly, we have created a list of the wedding essentials with the theme colour: White &¬†Gold. This is to inspire the desi fashionista in you and help you shake up the mega-celebrations you’re gearing up for. The pallet is all inspired from your favourite Bollywood stars and are further for your personal, ertsy style. The pallet is full of all amazing outfits and accessories that can go together and in a very flattering way. And you obviously know where to go if you’re looking for hairstyles to compliment your style. After all, whether it is Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi, all Indian designers swear by this colour for their wedding pallet year after year. And, why wouldn’t they, it doesn’t matter what your body type or complexion is, this colour pallet suits everyone just so well.

The reason for choosing the Gold & White colour for the pallet is the classical aesthetic of this combination as well as its stylista outlook. The best part is that it is a big yes for people with minimalist style preference as well as for those who like to go all out on weddings (I mean, it is a big fat wedding for a reason. :3 )

And, like we’ve said time and again, Ertsy is all about fashion with comfort, confidence acts as a key to get the best out of this pallet, too. *wink*

So, here is the White & Gold wedding ensemble:




Hope you’ve enjoyed this pallet and you can get all of this and more from Kraftly.

Till the next time, stay ertsy and be your own desire, always! xx



Featured Image Via Manish Malhotra Collections


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