10 Life Hacks for every 20-something!

10 Life Hacks for every 20-something!

There’s nothing like being 20-something and not-so-surprisingly, you’ll never be in this decade ever again. I mean that’s how the wheel of time works, goes on and never comes back, yeah? Anyhow, so if you’re 20-something and sweating a little too much over life, let me tell you, it’s rather fashionably cool.  And almost all the life hacks I read about acing the decade are concentrated on the ‘success’ principle (financially, relationship-wise, education-wise, and so on)  and not towards my personal growth.

Why you wonder. Well, I can always go into statistics and billionaire stories to affirm how people who work the most in the first half of this decade are the ones to earn the most but then that’s something already talked about more than it should be. Although, what is yet unexplored is mostly the facets of the being of these 20-somethings!

With all that confusion and dilemma about relationships, education, and lifestyle, we sure can use some life hacks; use them as our game changers. Which is why I decided to make one of my own lists and share with my Ertsy fam.

So, here is the list of 10 path-breaking life hacks for every 20-something that I have compiled a great research and with some help from my almost psychic powers. (Okay, I might be kidding about the psychic powers.)

Onto life hacks (with some pictures of me)

1. Accept.

Acceptance is basically the key to anything and everything in the world. Especially to some worldly realities that you are expected to cope with at this point in your life. Like the aging issues, the nothing lasts forever clause and basically everything as it will go away. You sure should try your best to maintain, but sweating over it is as futile as trying to be immortal. So accept life. Don’t compromise but be flexible.

10 Life Hacks for every 20-something!

2. Expect less.

As much as expecting less from yourself will not get you what you deserve if you base your expectations on those around you the opposite of the same is most likely to happen. I am not telling you to have a bland, excitement-less life; all I am asking for is that you should be independent enough to be the center of your own universe and not strive so hard to be perfect.

3. Don’t try to be ‘your old self’.

There’s a delusional concept that makes us romanticise past. It is a hoax. If you end up becoming your old self, you will again make yourself vulnerable to what eventually happened to you. Life is all about growing up and out of experiences. And there’s actually a lot of fun in doing that.

10 Life Hacks for every 20-something!

4. Work hard, Party Harder.

If I could get a penny for each time I have heard this, I would have been a billionaire by now. Seriously! But then it sure is as vital as presented in the popular culture. You don’t get this decade full of energy. So work hard enough to earn enough to suffice all your self-pampering needs. And no that doesn’t mean ignore your family and get on crack but um, you know what I mean, right?

5. Spend Time with Yourself.

Whether it is about health, perseverance or sanity, no one can tend to your needs like you can and you need to make yourself so self-sufficient that you’re unbreakable. Now, this doesn’t mean you shun other people out, but you just don’t sit and wait for things to happen ’cause you got the power!

6. Be a little Selfish.

All of our lives, we are taught to follow instructions and rewarded on behavior. However, this new phase of life needs you to be selfish. Not only because you’ll end up making big decisions for yourself but also because you’ll be the only one who has to live with those decisions.

7. Read, Learn, and share.

Even though you may still be dealing with university or school that requires you to read/learn, spend the time to harbor interests through knowledge. Your brain is constantly expanding and the power of knowledge can supercharge it and your personal growth in general. Besides, if you’re too busy sharing information, you’ll be less bothered by drama and unworthy people.

10 Life Hacks for every 20-something!

8. Learn to Let Go.

This one would be harder than most of the things on the list but maybe the most important. As life changes, people move on, and so should you. Places, people, arguments, resentments… learn to let go off of things that feed on your ability to empower your vision. Look at the bigger picture in life and don’t let anything ruin your focus.

10 Life Hacks for every 20-something!

9. Work to achieve the right balance.

People who go through a mid-life crisis in their 40-s (or even a quarter life crises) are mostly people who aren’t a master at balancing their lives or balance it to the level of monotonicity. Hence, it is all about finding the right balance. It would be asking for too much to be able to achieve the right balance right away. However, with time, practice, patience, and some experimentation, it should come. Just start working on it right away.

10. Choose your Own Happy.

Basically, don’t just blindly believe about any blog that tells you what to do with your life. Yes, I said it, mostly ‘cause your life and my life are not identical. We have different experiences backing up our opinion and outlook towards life. The key to life, however, still stays in just doing whatever makes you happy.


Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.  ~ Lao Tzu

Have a wonderful, happy life! Stay Ertsy, and keep scrolling in for such amazing life hacks, and more.


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  1. Love 3 & 6 for sure. I wrote an article kind of similar to this in 10 things I learned in my 20s and reading this makes me feel like I’m not the only one who feela certain ways. Thanks for the quality read!

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