10 Reasons to be Your Own Valentine

10 Reasons to be Your Own Valentine fashion

‘Love Yourself’ – Easier said than done, isn’t it? Well, you need to start somewhere & it’s Valentine’s week. Committed or single, looking for someone or taking a break, this day of love should be special for you. Why? Well, simply because you’re going to celebrating it with yourself.

I know it’s a rather confusing line of thought but bear with me. I assure you that with this list of 10 Reasons to be Your Own Valentine, you’ll see what exactly do I mean. YES! It’s all about the love yourself philosophy!


1. You’re Unique

There’s going to no one like you, never ever. Someone who sees the world so innocently and yet so complexly, no one who’d see how to fit into the scheme of the universe and yet always stand. And well, that’s pretty awesome to have in a valentine!

10 Reasons to be Your Own Valentine

2. You’re Interesting

All the scenarios you play in your head that never were or will be and the stories you create from nothing and all the interesting observations you make! Who wouldn’t want to go out with someone, oh, so, interesting! I mean, there’s a reason why even the government wants to get inside your head (it’s a joke, sorry).

3. You understand your deepest fears and insecurities

Your feelings are the most important thing about you and you understand where they stem from. You don’t delegitimize them and/or corner yourself into sulking. (You gotta stop if you do, you’re too damn beautiful to be upset like that <3)

10 Reasons to be Your Own Valentine

4. You hold the magical power of pulling yourself out of all of them

YES! It’s not even funny how strong you are. Putting yourself through all those difficulties and challenges and coming out like a boss. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, after all! 100% of people would give anything for that in a valentine!

5. You are appreciative of your talents

When you achieve something, the feelings you invoke in other people are of pride, joy, love, etc. but for yourself, it’s the strive. Your talents, your strengths and the power to turn your weaknesses to your strength are what you truly, unbiasedly appreciate. With nothing to ask in return!

10 Reasons to be Your Own Valentine

6. You have lived through your every moment without judgments

Through all the moments of failure, bullying, body shaming, stereotyping, judgment, & the low points it brought along, you’re the only who was there and put up the fight to get out and be this amazing, superperson you’re today!


7. Your taste in music is just perfect

I definitely wouldn’t like to argue over my playlist and have to convince someone of my choices in music and who loves your choice in music more than you. (hehehe) So, who better to have all that fun with!

10 Reasons to be Your Own Valentine

8. You light up all the lives you touch

The love you give, the fights you fight, the fun & joy you bring… all the lives you touch, even with a smile on a street to a stranger are just a little brighter because of you! So much so that there are people who make efforts to stay around you, even if you don’t always see it immediately.(Protip: Drop the trash piece who doesn’t like yesterday!)


9. You fight every day to be a better version of yourself the next

I’ve said it like a thousand times (grave exaggeration) just in this article. I mean, how do you get to be so damn killa! No wonder, the you loves you so much!


10. You’re your only constant

I’m sorry but that’s the only absolute truth of your existence. And it doesn’t mean for a second that you be lonely, but that you be in acceptance and love with the one and only that you literally will spend your entire existence with!


So, why not just give in and love yourself?

It’s literally the easiest love. No cheating, heartbreak, or any other drama. Just pure, honest love and feelings. If you actually nail it, it comes with some awesome self-care and a dash of everlasting desire for yourself, too.


So, go all out and celebrate yourself, because if you’re not the love of your life despite through so much and yet standing strong, who will ever be? It’s difficult and a bit superlative, I know, but loving yourself just for being you is the best thing that you can do for you. I know because that battle that you’re having with the ‘self’ today, I’ve been there, still kinda am. But even the smallest spark that I feel within makes me push to this ‘Love Yourself’ philosophy and makes life ever so better and beautiful.

10 Reasons to be Your Own Valentine

And you can start with small steps. Like acknowledging your accomplishments of the day every night before going to bed or gifting yourself something on every day of celebration. TBH I have traditions like that and they keep me happy and free from expectations from others around me. Even for this Valentine’s day, I gifted this beautiful Pink dress with Bishop Sleeves to myself from Shein (partner site). If you love this minimalist beauty, shop here. (Shopping in India? Click here) You can use code ‘9Aditi’ to get an additional 15% off on this and more amazing fast fashion from Shein, too!


Leave your thoughts and reflection on this article in the comment section below. For more of my Travel in Style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, be your own desire! xoxo

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