10 things I want in my ‘Dream Space’

10 things I want in my 'Dream Space'

As you may have already figured, I travel a lot. From some dingy hostels & motels around the world to some of the most exciting, upscale places, I’ve done a lot more than I’d imagined I will. Yes, I’m only 24, and I still have a world to see, literally. I still think my experiences have shaped me as a person and my taste of things. The catch is that I still do that while I live in a student studio apartment in the suburbs. So, despite my big interests, my dream space is far from where I dwell today.

To be fair, I still try to add as much of character and ‘me’ to it, since I spend the majority of my time indoors. However, since New Years is closing in and I’ll be starting a big chapter of my life in 2019 with my full-time career, plus given my love for vision boards & all, I wanted to take this opportunity to manifest my ‘dream space’.

I have used a similar process as I described & deliberated upon in my last year’s vision board article that you can read right here. Just putting it out there. So that once you’re equipped & inspired, you too can create your own!


10 Key features of my ‘Dream Space’:

  1. Negative Space to make the whole room bigger & more spacious (basically a lot of white)
    DIY Dream Space Home Decor Travel Lifestyle
  2. Some indoor Plants to bring in the feeling of freshness (also, my mother loves plants & I love her, so, basic math)
    DIY Dream Space Home Decor Travel Lifestyle
  3. Low-rise soft pastel furniture because I like to be closer to the ground
  4. Book Shelves to help me achieve my dream of building a library (Fun fact: I did have a library of my own at my parent’s home back when I lived in Delhi)
  5. Big Aluminium Windows that won’t rust & bring in all the light to brighten up my days & mood; obviously with a view (Ideal for all the flatlays, too)
    DIY Dream Space Home Decor Travel Lifestyle
  6. Photo collages of my own moments, family, & friends as well as glossy magazine cutouts for continuous artistic inspiration
  7. Low rise bed with combed cotton duvets & a lot of cushions & pillows; all white, of course.
  8. A study for I can’t focus on my work until I have a study and a place to stick all my post-its, hang my planner & have a site of my stationary
  9. Stairs/Mezzanine. Well, it’s actually funny how much I have wanted to have stairs in my space (room/home/villa/whatever :P) since I was a kid. I happily take the top bunk of bunk beds to this day.
    DIY Dream Space Home Decor Travel Lifestyle
  10. Beautiful crystal lightings & angel lights to warm up the place every now & then!

The Final Board:

DIY Dream Space Home Decor Travel Lifestyle

This list was really difficult for me to combine because I basically had to narrow it down a lot. I mean, who doesn’t want a pool in their dream space, or a crazy amazing kitchen (since I love to cook) & so on. However, now that I’m done jotting it down, I know for sure that these things are my priority when I think of my ‘dream space’.

So, that’s what has been on my mind when I think of my home. What are you thinking of when you imagine a home for yourself? Share it in the comment section below and help me discover more about home & home improvements.

For more of my Travel in Style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, keep reinventing yourself & your space to reinforce the best in you! xo

Disclosure: This Article was produced in collaboration with ThreeCountiesLTD.co.uk. The ideas presented are 100% mine but it has been funded & approved by the brand. I present this disclosure in fairness to my readers & brands I work with.

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