10 Tips on Saving Huge on Car Rentals

10 Tips on Saving Huge on Car Rentals

The world has become way faster & convenient. Renting a car has gone all the way to a different level. With the help of dedicated websites & applications on mobile, any car of your choice is now at your service in no time. We actually dig a little deeper in the function of renting a car & got some fabulous tricks & tips to get a rented car by keeping low budget & garnering maximum benefits. Let’s run through some of the very accessible & easy tips for saving on your next rented journey.

  • Use the Power of Credit Card

These days we always prefer using a credit card for most of our purchase transactions. All the wise spenders out there make maximum out of the lucrative reward programs these cards offer. Spending through credit cards can actually be very rewarding if one use it rationally as well as with utmost discipline. Also, many car rental companies have special tie-ups with several credit card providers. Before renting a car you can actually look for the specific offers going on attached to various credit cards & make the best deal in combination with the reward point system of your card.

  • Take the Middle-Man Away

Times have changed drastically. One has to get acquaintance with the latest applications & internet based sites to access car rental companies directly. The brokers can actually eat a substantial chunk from your valuable journey budget. These brokers/ agents just act as a representative on behalf of the rental companies. The traveler actually gets in a legal contract with the rental company which means in case of any dispute the agent will easily move away from any of the responsibility from his end. Personally, you can instead go directly for a car rental like with car rental company Shifa Travels.

  • No Risk No Insurance

It may be the case that the car rental company is having an insurance attached with their package as a part of the total deal. You may choose to opt out of the same if you are aware of the certainty & ease of your journey. The extra insurance will surely give you a cover against all the adverse events, however not including the same in your deal package may bring down the actual cost of the same.

  • Use a car without Special Gadgets

You may find several car rental companies boasting about their hi-tech vehicles equipped with latest gadgets & equipment. In this 21st century era, one has the power to access any latest technology with the help of their smart-phones. You can choose to opt for a vehicle which may not have a music system & GPS. Instead, use your smart-phone to navigate across those unknown lanes of your journeys & use your own playlist for entertainment. Actually, a car without these fancy add-ons will save a lot of bucks of your which you can invest in many other things of your choice.

  • Get the Most Economical Fuel

Well, this one is quite simple to implement. With the drastic fluctuation in fuel prices, one can get access to a variety of price tag along with the journey. Just do a little research & make sure you top up your tank to its fullest where the fuel is cheapest. In case you are planning to travel across states, then this would be a sure deal. On account of various state & central taxation variances, the fuel prices are quite different across these places.

  • Say No to Airport Pick Up

Most experts would give this advice. Though, the convenience will be a matter of concern here. Most car rental companies charge almost 10-30 % additional for giving a car on rent at the airport as a part of convenience aspect. Travelers have to take a smarter decision of either using a public transport or hiring a cab from outside of the airport to avoid giving these extra bucks. You will surely find several options to commute from airport to the place of your desire or towards the city-center other than these private rental cars.

  • Never miss a Discount Code

Travelers have to make full use of various discount coupons before renting a car. Make sure you check for your Hertz coupons before finalizing a car on a rental basis for your next journey. Such discount coupons can be a big help for you to keep the travel budget well under control. Especially during festivals & vacation seasons companies surely float a range of the coupon codes to lure clients their services. So, you need to keep a close eye over such prevailing discounts.

  • Over-Speeding can be Your Enemy

A very basic principle of car mechanism can be a big help for your next budget journey. Any vehicle will give you a better fuel consumption average if it has been driven on a consistent & prescribed speed. Efficient use of the vehicle is always a better option while calculating the fuel it is using. Also, the controlled speed will save you from a lot of trouble in those unknown terrains & territories.

  • Keep the Car Booking for Extra Time

We sometimes overestimate the convenience of the journey comfort than it actually is. We have seen commuters booking the cabs for a very rigid timeline. Here the traveler needs to take into consideration the uncertainties as well as any emergencies. You may get stuck in traffic or that friend of yours can take a little longer to join in the journey. Reason can be any but you may end up paying some ad-hoc extra charges to your rental company which could have been a lot cheaper if already included in the original package.

  • Be Update & Compare

Times have changed for the travelers. Now is the time to take a wiser call while choosing your next journey. Most car rental companies are struggling to keep their clients with them for longer. However, the commuter needs to be little practical than rather be blindly loyal. For each journey, you should compare between at least three to four car rental firms & than decide upon the final car for the journey.

Saving an extra buck on the journey cost is actually a wise decision. The journey will give you ample opportunities to invest your money for several memories & leisure. Most car rental companies have become aware of the commuter’s preference & need for getting a more & more economical ride. Their competition will increase the likeliness of you getting a better deal with a little research & the given tips.


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