20 Fashion Blog Ideas (writer’s block edition)

20 Fashion Blog Ideas (writer's block edition)

ERTSY FAM! You know how I hit a writer’s block almost every 6 months. Well, creativity is a hard pass when you live an intense life. Plus, it only gets worse the more you get into your ‘adulting’ routines. I started this year with the last leg of my Masters’, 2 jobs (one corporate + one school assistantship), and of course, there’s my blogging life. So, well, it only goes south from here in terms of the ‘free time’ and ‘creative freedom’ I’ve enjoyed thus far. I actually found myself in a literal rut when I struggled with coming up with even ideas for the content I wanted to write. And finally, it hit me! I had a burst of some really inspiring ideas. So, I decided to write 20 Fashion Blog Ideas when writer’s block hit!


The beauty(?) of a writer’s block is that not only are you unable to get your word’s out in a structured form, you also really, really don’t want to keep sitting on that task. Basically, you just want to block away that underwhelming feeling completely. So, then I’ve compiled my list keeping in mind the need for minimal motivation and effort (research).


Furthermore, I love to do to things with my hands, even if it’s basic cleaning & sorting when I hit a writer’s block. Probably to delay having to write something or have a sense of accomplishment. Either Way, I also have imbibed elements of that in this list. So, some DIY! I’ve also linked my own articles on the list if that’s something I’ve worked on. This is for clearer examples and if you’re in a mood for some reading, maybe! After all, what good are these fashion blog ideas if they’re not readable?

20 Fashion Blog Ideas (writer's block edition) Style travel

Before we jump to the list, I’m wearing an awesome & super-warm Teddy Coat from my outfit partner site- Shein! You, too, can get this and a lot more of stunning, affordable fashion pieces from them by following this link (shopping in India? Click here). Don’t forget to use code ‘9Aditi’ on check out for an additional 15% off!


Now, without much further ado, here is the writer’s block edition list with 20 Fashion Blog Ideas:

1) Packing for your (fashion) trip

2) Styling One key Piece Multiple Ways

3) DIY- How do I organize my wardrobe


4) Styling Challenge – Style something you’d never, usually wear!

20 Fashion Blog Ideas (writer's block edition) Style travel

5) Styling something you never wear (from the back of your wardrobe)

6) Shopping haul – Stick to a genre

7) Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Shoes

8) Wardrobe Secrets To Always Look Dressed Up

9) 5 Trends you just don’t understand

10) Outfit of the Week Post

20 Fashion Blog Ideas (writer's block edition) Style travel

11) Be a stylist to someone (SO/BFF/Sister??)

12) Dos & Don’t of wearing a trendy but risky fashion piece

13) 5 fashionistas from your favorite past decade that inspire you

14) Checklist for finding the Perfect Dress for the Season

15) 5 actresses/personalities that inspire your style

20 Fashion Blog Ideas (writer's block edition) Style travel

16) Practical Winter Essentials

17) Create a Theme based outfit post

18) 5 Lazy Diva Hacks

19) DIY- creating a custom look

20) Tips on looking like a fashionista without blowing up your budget


So, that’s the end of my list. Hope it helps you out of your writer’s block! If you can think of more ideas, leave them in the comments below because god knows I could use some! Do share your thoughts on my list, too!

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