20 things I learned from 2020

20 things I learned from 2020

This 2020 year-end wrap-up highlights 20 things I learned from 2020 with 2 key objectives: a) trying to find the silver lining in this freakishly muddy year & b) highlight the awareness of the privilege of things I had taken for granted for so long. I’m sure a lot of you will be able to relate and agree with me, so, bear with me for 5 minutes and read this brief list.

2020 has been a tough year- no news there but was it really as bad as it gets? I mean, I complained & whined a lot but at the same time, I also learned so many things about myself this year. They say that the devil is in the detail but let me explain how this year has also brought in so many good things for me & us, as a society.

20 things I learned from 2020

Just a small thank you note before I move forward to thank all of you people who continued to read and engage with this blog even though I wasn’t the most regular at uploading new content this year. THANK YOU for sticking around and supporting me through your views, clicks, and other gestures of kindness. THIS MEANS THE WORLD  TO ME. Also, thanks to my partner brands like SHEIN, featured in this post for their belief and support.

20 things I learned from 2020

Outfit details for both at the end.

20 things I learned from 2020:


1. Appreciate the time you have now because you’ll seriously crave it once it’s gone.

2. Learn to be ok with being alone or by yourself, independence of mind is key to happiness.

3. Your voice, your identity is your strength and not to be taken lightly.

4. Count your privilege and your blessings, be aware of what you have but don’t question if you deserve it.

20 things I learned from 2020

Friends & Family:

5. Yes! Your college and school friends will always be your true friends but the other connections you make along the way aren’t vain, either.

6. Living with parents will never be easy once you’ve moved out and it’s ok to struggle with this but you’ll make it work because love is all that matters, in the end.

7. You aren’t answerable to anyone but it’s better to keep someone in the know rather than not have anyone to you at all.

8. Your family cares, your friends care, stop telling yourself otherwise. PEOPLE CARE ABOUT YOU.

20 things I learned from 2020


9. Productivity is important but so is learning how to take a break and be ok not doing anything.

10. There will always be room to do more and grow more and you’re smart enough to find it and define your worth.

11. Your colleagues are much nicer and accomodating than you ever believed them to be.

12. Your profession & job is a part of your life but it’s not enough alone to define your self-worth. Learn to disconnect.


20 things I learned from 2020


13. Time is a wild concept, you’ll never have enough of it, you need to make it work for you by prioritizing.

14. You don’t need to wait for another pandemic to pursue your hobbies and things that make you happy; make time, go for it now!

15. Not everything is a sign of the times, some things are just futile, don’t read too much into everything.

16. If you spend more time on things you love, you’ll be happier, there’s just no catch in that one. It’s that simple.

20 things I learned from 2020


17. Everyone has a different love language, you don’t need to find someone who has the same love language as you but you need to learn how to communicate exactly what you need to make it work.

18. You can only love someone abundantly if you love yourself enough. Invest in self-love and small acts of self-love, it really goes a long way.

20 things I learned from 2020


19. ‘Normal’ is only as normal as you accept it to be. If you expect and demand a better normal, it must be, right? So, don’t be afraid to demand better. Don’t back to any ‘normal’ you didn’t feel comfortable with.

20. No matter how small, your every individual action is significant for the collective survival, so act responsibly and never take the power you have lightly.


And well, that’s my year wrap-up with 20 things I learned from 2020. Does that resonate with you, too? What did you learn this year?

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20 things I learned from 2020

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20 things I learned from 2020

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