2019 AW Trends: Plaids & Knits Styling

2019 AW Trends: Plaids & Knits Styling

I am welcoming Autumn with a series on some styling tips on the 2019 Autumn Winter trends I’ve been waiting to try on forever. In this one, we talk about Plaids & knits styling. This style is a reflection of the 90s grunge styling but I’ll be presenting my classy take on it. This is a series done in collaboration with my partner site Shein. I’m linking all the outfits in the article below and you can get an extra 15% off using code ‘9ADITI’.

In 2019, the autumn staple- Plaid is all about the 90s grunge. I mean, the 90s grunge styling and the autumn style always overlap, with the masculine blazer, the ripped pants, plaids, long-sleeved shirts and tons of layers. I think that’s the overall trend being put back in the scene by the likes of LV & Versace is that anyway.

2019 AW Trends: Plaids & Knits Styling

However, it can get classy in an instant, too. With soft knit and a great sense of style, you can make the style good for workwear, too.


Knitwear is all about the comfort this season and moving towards more and more fluidity. In fact, the designers have presented them this year in all kinds of styles possible. Apart from the regulars, the attempts at evening wear stood out to me the most. Like on the runways of J.W. Anderson, Altuzarra, and Stella McCartney who all presented unique knitted dresses. Young designers also made warm knits cool again, including Priscavera and Gareth Wrighton for Fashion East.

2019 AW Trends: Plaids & Knits Styling

Since your girl is now a working lady, I decided to combine these two trends together in my take.


3 Tips for Plaids & Knits stylings for Autumn are:


1. Choose Colors

I like to wear pastels well into autumn because of the lack of colors just makes me depressed. This year, the pastel trend has carried over from summer too. So, don’t be afraid to sport some color. You can choose a strong colored knit dress like me or a colored plaid blazer, too.

2019 AW Trends: Plaids & Knits Styling

(Shop the knit pastel dress here)


2. Don’t be scared of the lack of ‘shape’

I’m always big on a snatched waist and pronounced shapes in all outfits. However, knits are all about letting yourself breathe. I do think that with the outfit come together, I don’t see it as an act of resistance to the shape but more like trying a new kind of styling.

2019 AW Trends: Plaids & Knits Styling

3. Layer up

Inspired by the grunge, this trend maintains layering as a key to its styling. Which is why I used this over-sized, long blazer, to go on top of my knit dress. You can also use a scarf over this outfit or as a replacement for a piece.

2019 AW Trends: Plaids & Knits Styling

(Shop the plaid blazer here)


Bonus: Go for a statement plaid dress and add a knit scarf to it.

2019 AW Trends: Plaids & Knits Styling

(Shop the statement plaid dress here)


So, that’s all from me on the Plaids & Knits Styling from the 2019 AW Trends.


What are your thoughts on this Plaids & Knits Styling? Shop or Drop? Do you have any other ideas to style it? Share everything in the comments below!

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