2019 AW Trends: Pop Pleated Skirt

2019 AW Trends: Pop Pleated Skirt

Autumn is finally here! I’ve been dying to try on some 2019 Autumn Winter trends forever. So, I decided to do a series with the styling tips on my picks for the season. In this one, we talk about the Pop Pleated Skirt. Basically, pleated skirts that have pop-art on them. This is a series done in collaboration with my partner site Shein. I’m linking all the outfits in the article below and you can get an extra 15% off using code ‘9ADITI’.

Following the pleated blouses from last years, pleated skirts are big step-up, I must commend. They make for a great utilitarian garment that is statement worthy. I am also a fan of the silhouette they create when done well. Seeing them being presented at my favorite fashion houses, like Dior and Pucci, has made me even more adamant about them.

2019 AW Trends: Pop Pleated Skirt

This style is super inclusive and can honestly work on every body-type. At the same time, it’s so comfortable first that you don’t have to stay on the edge to look straight out of a runway in this. Plus the range is immense. You can go from basic to edgy to extra in this with ease.

I especially love the subgenre of this trend, the pop pleated skirt or pleated skirts with pop-art on them. I think they make an easy stand-out piece. Moreover, with that kind of a statement piece, you can look like a head turner any occasion you choose it for!

2019 AW Trends: Pop Pleated Skirt

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3 Easy ways to style Pop Pleated Skirts for Autumn are:


1. Go Casual but quirky

Styling is all about the vibe, so go for a casual one with the pop-pleated skirt. I don’t suppose they will mix well with the heavy cold pieces anyway. Use some accessories, like round retro glasses, colorful clips, or thick-strap sling bags, to up the quirky quotient. However, let your pop-art printed skirt be the loudest piece in your ensemble.

2019 AW Trends: Pop Pleated Skirt

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2. Get the Silhouette right

You may want to go for the tight cut on your top to keep the silhouette right with this piece. You can also add belts to make it right, too. Let the bottom half flow while you hold the rest to get the perfect shape.

2019 AW Trends: Pop Pleated Skirt

3. Denim fixes all

A denim combo is the easiest fix when styling this kind of extravagant piece. I am, for example, wearing a denim crop top and a denim jacket on the top to layer it. With complimentary shades and textures, it’s easy to tie the outfit together even with denim over denim. 

2019 AW Trends: Pop Pleated Skirt

So, that’s all from me on how to style the Pop Pleated Skirts from the 2019 AW Trends.


What are your thoughts on this Pop-art pleated skirt style? Shop or Drop? Do you have any other ideas to style it? Share everything in the comments below!


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