3-Way Crop Top Styles for Curvy Girls

3-Way Crop Top Styles for Curvy Girls

The biggest fear of 2015 me was Masters’ applications, just slightly above them… Crop tops. When you’re a curvy girl just growing into your body, the crop top is all but a nightmare. And I am saying that not because I’m conscious my belly would look bloated or something but because no ‘crop top’ even covers my bosom. At least not enough for it to be safe for work. Since this not 2015 anymore & I’m not scared of styling anything, I decided to share my curvy girl fashion wisdom with you.

But Aditi, curvy girls maybe shouldn’t wear crop tops at all, according to ‘fashion police’ and such. Well, well, well. I wear whatever if I want to and so should you. I’m here to help those who do want to try a crop top or any other fashion style and if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s all right, too. But no body-shaming or elitist fashion policing will go around here. Thank you, next!

Now back to our agenda before any regressive judgment backtracks us.

3-Way Crop Top Styles:

To help me illustrate; I took three styles of crop tops from my partner site – FemmeLuxe. You can follow the links on the key pieces below and get these for yourself, too. Since it’s really cold in Paris at the moment, all clothes, including the fabulous Black Ribbed Knit Leggings – Amara from FemmeLuxe are warm/jumper style. (buy the leggings here)

Of course, all I’m trying to demonstrate here are some simple hacks that aren’t restricted to only these clothes, they are pretty universal for us curvy women when confronted with a crop top!

1. Go the Oversize route

3-Way Crop Top Styles for Curvy Girls

Baggy crop tops, sweats, etc are the easiest getaway crop top for a curvy girl. An absolute basic pick that I would layer over a tank top and leggings. You can also wear it with high-waist jeans or shorts. Just find your comfort and fight the clumsy need to keep pulling the top down. I’m wearing Khaki Stripe Hooded Crop Sweater Jumper – Gia from FemmeLuxe in this shot. This crop hoodie comes in 4 more colors BTW!


2. Accessorize like a pro

3-Way Crop Top Styles for Curvy Girls

Baggy or not, once you’re comfortable with something reaching just your midriff, you can add accessories to your look become fabulous in a second. You can start with a monochromatic piece or go straight to the print as I did with this Grey Animal Snake Print Long Sleeve Crop Jumper – Sienna. Accessorise using scarves, belt bags, or even glasses. Just speak your style and let the crop top naturally flow into your outfit. You can use these accessories to hide all your insecurities like a pro, too. :p


3. Basic but chic

3-Way Crop Top Styles for Curvy Girls

Nothing like sporting a basic piece with your chic touch to it. For example, this …. that I’m wearing hugs my curves in the right places. A crop top looks especially pretty if it’s off-shoulder, showing off your collar bones, like that. The Black Fluffy Long Sleeve Crop Jumper is not actually off-shoulder but I wore it like that. I would gladly wear this outfit to a chill day out or even just to lounge around. It’s just so versatile like that.

Pro Tip: Always prioritize comfort. Think of the occasion and how this trend would affect your comfort before taking your pick. Once you’ve become well-versed with the style, don’t hesitate to mix things up further and even between the said styles. These 3 ways are not the only to style a crop top for curvy ladies, but you can always look at them as a starting point.

With that, I sum up my pro-tips. What do you think? Any thoughts or recommendations? Your girl could always use some more tips and loves discovering newer fashion hacks, too. So, be generous and leave them all in the comments below.

Don’ forget to check out my partner site – FemmeLuxe for latest in chic lounge fashion (& more). I shall always give them credit for inspiring me to embrace more body-hugging clothes (size 14) as opposed to my usual kinda baggy ones. It’s all about the right fit, after all.

For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, stay stylish & keep experimenting!


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