3 Simple Style Tips: Sweater Dress

3 Simple Style Tips: Sweater Dress

Have you ever come across an outfit so comfortable that you have no hopes of it ever making it to the “stylish” end of your wardrobe? Well, that’s how I have seen sweater style dresses since times immemorial. I’m talking about the poncho style fit, in particular. These dresses basically have no shape of their own and just fall as a perfect fall chilling outfit should. However, with my love for shapes and silhouettes, it’s impossible for me to get myself to wear this out.

3 Simple Style Tips: Sweater Dress Fashion Travel

But the experimental fashion mood that I’m in these days, I decided to give the seater dress a style spin.

The Choice:

I chose this Straight line Asymmetric Sweater dress from Shein. I chose a dress that offered me as much free-reign in terms of styling as possible. Which is what prompted me to go for a straight line dress that didn’t have a shape of its own. However, my choice was highly influenced by the High Fashion trends that this dress portrays. From the color-blocking stripe style to the turtleneck, this dress can easily be taken for a very high potential for a high street fashion lover.

3 Simple Style Tips: Sweater Dress Fashion Travel

If you love it as much as I do, buy it here. (Shopping in India? Buy here!)


Comfy Mess to Stylish Dress:

Styling it wasn’t a big challenge with some obvious tweak and flicks, it makes for a fantastic go-to autumn outfit. However, simplifying the steps was more important for me when working on this blog post. Which is why I decided to go for the most effective steps only instead of overloading on the styling hacks.

Here’re my top 3 style tips for styling the sweater dress:


1. Befriend a Belt

3 Simple Style Tips: Sweater Dress Fashion Travel

With the risk of being redundant, I want to point out that I love a curvy, feminine silhouette. To make that a part of my life, I use cute and wide belts. I chose to go with a contrasting white, wide belt but you can obviously go for a thinner brown or wine-colored belt, too. Additionally, a belt is a great addition to your love of layering, too.

2. Cut the Bulk

3 Simple Style Tips: Sweater Dress Fashion Travel

I know the idea of a bulky, comfy jumper is oh so tempting in the unforgiving Autumnal winds but I really, really recommend cutting the bulk. For example, if I was wearing a loose turtleneck style dress, I tied my hair up. The same applies to take a blanket scarf over a sweater dress, I would strongly recommend against it.

3. Vibe your Footwear

3 Simple Style Tips: Sweater Dress Fashion Travel

Most sweater dresses are versatile due to how less standout-ish they are (sad but true). So, use your amazing shoes to set the vibe of your outfit. I wore really high street style shoes with pearls and details to set mine. You can use pumps to make it look professional or wear it with sneakers to make it look more casual. The same dress with so many avatars, now that’s versatility.


With that, I conclude my style tips for styling a sweater dress. Obviously, we can add more details and accessories to make it look even better but that wasn’t the objective of today’s blog. If you think to add something more, share your thoughts in the comments below.


If you love this dress as much as I do, don’t forget to get it and more awesome pieces from Shein!


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