3 Straight-from-Runway Winter Trends

3 Straight-from-Runway Winter Trends

Hola, Ertsy Fashionistas! Thank you global warming for delaying but well, winter is finally here. And, it is the favourite time of year for all of us here at Ertsy. Well, why won’t it be? Since this is the only time we can actually look Straight-from-Runway, right on the street without any pressures of having a ‘certain’ body. (Not that other beauty standards are being over-looked.)

Anyhow, what’s keeping me happy is this gorgeous weather and the wait for my first snow (ever) here in Paris! when you have Kraftly with its awesome winter wear collection to your rescue, I don’t think you need to even think twice before you start your own fashion show.

So, without further rants, here we present, the best of what Straight-from-Runway winter fashion has to offer:

1) Puffer Coats


Image via fashionisers.com

The best part about these stunning coats isn’t that they seize to go out of trend, it is that they actually keep you warm, fuzzy and cozy at all times. Year after year. Besides, they are low maintenance, because no dry-cleaning, so suave and well, that’s pretty much everything you need in life.

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2) Long Over-Coats


Image via Coach

Now, obviously black and camel coats are super drool-worthy but man, these navy over-coats are just so edgy and fantastic. You can button these down with some leggings and flat boots or jazz them up with some ripped jeans or even a straight dress, they’re just always so chic and dramatic.

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3) Faux Fur stoles


Image Via scstylecaster.com

Carrying forward from 2015, these faux fur stole are here to stay and slay. They are the best to fight the chills, stay cozy and oh, so trendy all at the same time. And, look at all the fancy ways it can be adorned in. We’re a fan!

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So, well, that’s our list of trends to be spotted in this winter. Don’t forget to get the best of the winter styles for yourself from Kraftly and look straight out of the runway this fashion. For more awesome content on fashion, life, travel and more, stay ertsy! *wink*

Be your own desire. xx

Feature Image Via HarpersBazar.com

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