3 Technical Photography Hacks for Beginners

3 Technical Photography Hacks for Beginners

Hello Ertsy Fam! I am taking you really liked that last article about Travel Pictures, I mean the views sure said so (KEEP ‘EM COMING)!! But I did get some unusual questions from some of you guys, especially about the technicalities of the trade. Now I must emphasize how I did Photography as a part of my Journalism graduation from Delhi University. And, how rude would be on my part to not share some tricks of the trade and make your blogger/photography life simpler. So, I have decided share 3 technical photography hacks for beginners.


Now, there’s really A LOT of stuff one needs to know about photography, from cameras, lighting, to memory cards and preservation. So, I’ve selected one thing from each of those departments to make life simpler for both of us.

Technical Photography Hacks for Beginners:

1. Your Camera doesn’t define you

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Don’t go outrightly crazy on the First camera you buy. I can’t emphasize how harmful that is on your learning as well as your wallet. Cameras are pretty much the same to a beginner. Go for something basic, you’ll learn to use everything from focus to light manipulation with practice and time. If you’ve got a good phone try downloading photography apps and start out with their camera. I bought my first DSLR after 3 years of trying my hand on various random cameras and boy was I happy I did.

In short, don’t let your camera define you, start clicking and click everything!


2. Play with lighting not angles

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So, this is not as tricky as it sounds. Photographers usually always emphasize on angles. It is completely appropriate since a person who knows photography knows how angles work. However, to a beginner or a layman, lighting is far more obvious. So, try to follow the light instead of angles and click beautiful photographs leveraging on that.

Understand that lights to our naked eye will not appear the same on the camera, so mimic the situations. The possibilities are endless. The same picture can look umteen different when shot from a place of shadow vs from the place that has some sunlight. Natural vs artificial lights are fun to play around with, too. Besides, you’ve already done this when clicking your everyday pictures. So, develop on that!


3. Click and Save: Invest in Memory Cards

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When I started with photography (even if I’m no pro), my professor basically asked me to click as much as possible. The idea was to click anywhere and everywhere and find my own vision. Most of the shots were far from even acceptable but they helped me learn, nonetheless. And to save all those shots and be able to review them later, what you need is a good memory card.

When selecting the best memory card to buy, one of the first points to note is the amount of storage they offer, i.e. the memory size. Never go for anything below 8 GB. Cameras now store HQ images and need space, hence anything smaller than that is basically useless. Also, worry about the Speed. The speed of the card is important in many applications as it indicates the data transfer speed of the device. This is important when writing data at high speeds as in the case of 4K video, which is becoming more common, even on mobile phones!

Last but not the least, determine the applicability. Determine what is required in terms of actual storage on your device. For example, some DSLRs only allow the card to be reformatted or individual images to be deleted, there is no delete all function.


So, what do you think about these tips? Do you have any more technical photography hacks for beginners to share? Don’t hesitate to share the results you achieve using this tips, too!


For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, keep traveling!

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