3-way Styling: Summer Blazer

3-way Styling: Summer Blazer

The past few years have been all about empowerment for women all over the world. Whether through policies, speaking their mind, opportunity, or fashion. So, when I see the re-approaching summer, all I think about is how a chic summer blazer can make any woman, in outfit look oh so powerful. Which is what motivated me to share my styling tips on with a summer blazer. However, instead of styling it on one outfit, like I usually do, I styled it with three outfits this time to make my case stronger *wink*.


The outfits were largely spontaneous and worked out surprisingly well. I styled and tried these looks in real life situations to understand their comfort and applicability, too. So, basically, I can say that these looks are tried, tested, and packaged for you.


Choosing the Right Summer Blazer:


  1. Fit Check: The blazer should give you space to breathe in while hugging you in the perfect places. Plain blazers look good on everyone and do try putting on some lighter colors for the summer (White, Pink, etc). If you have a bigger bust, cut the bulk and go for something simple.
  2. Stace Check: The buttons in your blazer define the stance of your blazer. Usually, the curvier (bigger bust) you are, the more buttons you need for the stance to look more defined. I’d happily recommend going with a straight, no button blazer (with probably a belt), too. Just like the one I’m wearing in today’s blog!
  3. Length Check: Go for a long length blazer that doesn’t squeeze you in. Summer is all about comfort to the max. You can wear skimpy outfits and just couple them with a blazer to look ultra chic. Besides, a short and fitted blazer is too formal and too 2015!


Key Piece: White Blazer with belt and hoops

So, I chose this piece for a simple reason that not only is it chic and diverse, but is also something democratic. The idea is to give you an idea of the outfit styling works without putting all the focus only on one part of the ensemble. Legit as complex as it reads.


Outfit One: Corporate Chic

Pieces used: Dress, Blouse, Blazer, mid-height Block Heels

3-way Styling: Summer Blazer3-way Styling: Summer Blazer

For this look, I’ve picked a neutral color pallet. You simply can’t go wrong with Pinks and whites when dressing for a corporate chic look. Of course, monochrome fashion is my first choice, but I like colors in the summer. I am wearing a white crop top in lace net over a white and pink dress to create the illusion of a corset style outfit. The accentuated collar and the perfect medley of the crop top and my skirt, help me define my figure better. It’s light so still works perfectly for summer. The Blazer on the top fits like a puzzle piece and makes the outfit 10x better and more powerful. Or so I’d like to believe!


Outfit Two: Casual Afternoon/Evening

Pieces used: T-shirt, Baggy Shorts, Blazer, Studded flats

3-way Styling: Summer Blazer3-way Styling: Summer Blazer

Again, a neutral pallet with a dash of color, this look is perfect for a chill affair. I can’t begin to tell you how comfortable the whole ensemble was to wear and move around in but I especially loved the fact that I made it look so much chic-er by just adding a blazer to it. You can do the same with paper baggy shorts, too, if baggy shorts aren’t your thing! I wore the blazer without the belt for this look to make it look more casual and hassle-free.


Outfit Two: Party Night

Pieces used: Cut sleeves Top with Sequins, Skirt, Blazer, 6-inch Pumps

3-way Styling: Summer Blazer3-way Styling: Summer Blazer3-way Styling: Summer Blazer

I wanted to look fiery and feisty for this party look. I mean, who doesn’t want to turn some heads around in a club! So, I chose a black outfit which is perfect to dance in and sexy at the same time, and used my blazer on it to up my suave-quotient. I felt so powerful and confident just by putting on a blazer when off the dance floor and could enjoy myself even more. I wore the blazer without the belt, again, because I just didn’t want to lose the pretty belt on the dance floor.


Key takeaways:

  • You need a longer, comfortable blazer for summer
  • Go for straight fits or corset looks to draw attention on your waist and curves when styling an outfit with a blazer
  • Blazers make everything look Super chic in a second


So, that’s all about my styling tips for a summer blazer in 3 ways. If you can think of something I missed out on or something you’d like to know about in my next blog, leave a comment below. Don’t forget to check out some of my older blogs while you’re here, too.


For more of my travel in style adventures, keep reading ERTSY, till then, stay feisty! xoxo

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