4 Casual Style Picks: FemmeLuxe Haul

4 Casual Style Picks- FemmeLuxe Haul

With Holiday season afoot, I have been treating myself to shopping sprees a lot lately. Even though it starts with the need to buy gifts for others, it ends up with me buying something for myself. I have no qualms about it though, especially when I discover new & amazing stores in the process & update my wardrobe using their aesthetics. In the same pursuit & spirits, when I came across Femme Luxe store. Now, I have to admit that it is nothing like my usual casual style because their clothes are figure hugging and styled ‘sexy’ as opposed to my usual cute, classy, and comfortable wardrobe. However, I’m not the one to back down in the face of a challenge especially if it requires some fashion risks.

So, I partnered with the store and did a shopping haul from their Dress Category. Of course, it was important for me to test out the diversity & range of the store. So, I tried to choose pieces that are very unlike each-other in terms of style & suitable occasion. Also, the fabric type for each is also poles apart. However, in terms of genre, I’m only feeling like casual these days, so I stuck to that. Hence, my shopping haul has a spectrum of everything from urban casual to dressy casual.

Casual Style Picks:

1. Rose Knit Long Sleeve Tie Front Wrap Dress

It’s no news that I love wrap dresses, so this was an obvious choice for me. I also loved it for its subtle color & versatility. I can basically wear this dress with sneakers and also style with a sleek blazer and wear it formally. I also recommend wearing it over a turtle-neck jumper, a great way to save yourself from the winds and the V-neck will make you look oh so amazing.

Rose Knit Long Sleeve Tie Front Wrap Dress Casual Style
Rose Knit Long Sleeve Tie Front Wrap Dress Casual Style

I loved how the dress turned out, absolutely living up to its promise. Even though it was more bodycon than I had imagined, I really liked how my curves looked in it. I definitely see myself wrapping myself in this dress a lot. It’s also available in 3 other colors on the website!

2. Red Tartan Bardot Long Sleeve Dress with Belt

The second dress was more in the holiday spirits because of the spectacular red (plaid style) color. I think it is a perfect dress for autumn since I wouldn’t want to hide it under any sweaters or jackets. It’s off-shoulder and looks skimpy but is very warm. Personally, I wore it with white sneakers & my wide white belt, but the belt that came with it in the same style also looks spectacular.

Red Tartan Bardot Long Sleeve Dress with Belt Casual Style
Red Tartan Bardot Long Sleeve Dress with Belt

I think this dress definitely took me by surprise. Not only because of how much better it looks in person but also because of how thick & great the fabric is. To get this picture, I stood outside in 3 degrees & it’s safe to say that I wasn’t totally dying. Which is something!

3. Black Graphic Gold Print Sweater Dress

This has to be my favorite dress from the lot. Honestly, I have never liked sweatshirt dresses because I felt they’ll make me look bulkier than I am but this dress was an absolute casual style wonder. I felt so comfortable & sexy in this dress, all at once.

Black Graphic Gold Print Sweater Dress Casual Style
Black Graphic Gold Print Sweater Dress Casual Style

The dress is thick enough to be worn in 6-7 degrees with tights, of course, because it’s that thick! I especially loved how great it made me feel. I am definitely going to buy more sweatshirt dresses & recommend you do, too!

4. Black Cami Diamante Dress

This one-size fishnet style super stretch cover-up is for my upcoming beach vacation to Malta. It’s really sexy and absolutely delivers what it promises. I loved the small crystals on the dress that make it look like a million bucks. 

Black Cami Diamante Dress Casual Style

I think this dress maybe a bit much for me to share pictures in, at least at this moment. However, I will definitely wear it in my private vacation time because it looks and feels AH-MAY-ZING! (Maybe I make up my mind to share it, too, who knows!)

Overall Verdict: The store delivers on its promise of affordable luxe style wear. It also delivered on making you look sexy. I did step out of my comfort zone a lot for these dresses. More so because I usually wear UK 14/16 dress size but I’m wearing UK 12/14 dress size of all these pieces. (Since that’s the highest size they had)

I honestly think it was a confidence boost – going down a dress size & all- and I’ll definitely be a regular at FemmeLuxe now.

Tell me what you think of this shopping haul. If you have a suggestion of a particular shopping haul for my next attempt, leave it in comment section below. Don’t forget to check out Femme Luxe for more such awesome pieces, casual style or not. Till then, stay ERTSY, stay Chic! xoxo

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