4 Quirky Workout Outfit Tips

4 Quirky Workout Outfit Tips

So, guess who has finally decided to try to drag their lazy ass to the gym and try working out? You! Pardon me assuming but I dare because you’re here seeking quirky workout outfit tips. And I do agree that if you look oh so fly when you go to workout you’re motivated to look forward to the workout. In simpler terms, style motivates you and me. Let’s get it sorted out then. How can you make your workout fun using your workout outfit style? By following these 4 awesome tips.

Trust me when I say that I know what I’m talking about because I’m a lazy bum when it comes to working out but having a slick outfit has got me going, too! However, while these tips are practical for some, these are mainly for the quirks & fun, so take ‘em with a grain of salt. I don’t want to go around claiming some -ish I don’t know about. And by that, I mean working out, fashion knowledge is fine here.


Quirky Workout Outfit tips:


1. Go Mono

4 Quirky Workout Outfit Tips


Choose one color for top toe or matching coordinates or something bought separately but just in the same color. A single color will distract you from the efforts of matching outfits and take off one lame excuse off your ‘reasons to miss gym’ list. It will help you wave off your irrational fears, too. Like I feared all white profusely before sporting this all-white crop top & tracksuit from Shein. I mean, if I can be brave enough to wear this, working out in public ain’t gonna embarrass me. (Shopping in India? Click here)


2. Choose a Celebrity Avatar

4 Quirky Workout Outfit Tips

Think of your celebrity idol. Now embrace their workout style to accelerate your drive. Wear leggings and loose T when you work on your break-up abs or wear too tight to breathe sports bra and high waist leggings with waist trainers like Kim Kardashian to work on your curves. And keep experimenting and rotating, you’d be surprised to know whose workout regimes or gym bodies inspire you. For example, I never realized I thought so highly of Bella Hadid till I ended up falling in love with this all-white look. Yeah, apparently that’s her signature workout outfit.


3. Keep outfit wishlist in tandem with your fitness goals

4 Quirky Workout Outfit Tips


I saw this fitness guru talking about how you should reward yourself when you achieve each of your fitness goals to keep thyself motivated. So, basically, break down your bigger fitness goal into smaller goals and keep adding your favorite clothes to your wish list. As soon as you reach your goal, buy one item off that wishlist to keep yourself going. Since this can also drive you towards bankruptcy, I recommend using an awesome budget fashion like Shein. I mean, I literally got this whole fly af outfit in 18€. (WHAAAAAAT)

4. Double it as an airport look

4 Quirky Workout Outfit Tips

Now that it’s been a few weeks and you’re finally over this dream of having the ‘fitness lifestyle’ etc, double up that workout outfit as your Airport look. And don’t worry, as soon you’ll start showing bulges in front of n-number of strangers during your customs check at the Airport, you’ll be motivated to start your fitness regime once again.


In conclusion, you can be stylish before, during, and after working out. Make the best out of it using these quirky tips. Stay stylish, stay fab, and love yourself!


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