4 way: Silver Metallic Blazer Styling

4 way: Silver Metallic Blazer Styling

From trench coats to trousers, and even all over the bags, metallic hues – more specifically silvers – were everywhere on the SS20 ramp. JW Anderson, Coach, Toga had some of the best interpretations of the metallic blazer trends in leather and other materials. Being a big lover of blazers myself, I got so inspired that I decided to get one for myself and put together the silver metallic blazer styling in 4 ways.

While this blog speaks about silver metallic blazer styling, I must mention that Spring 2020 is all about metallics and sequins. Across the board, designers paired sequins, metallics, and glitter with simple silhouettes, creating understated, yet bold looks that offered effortless ways to do high-shine wear. Some of my top picks were the interpretations of Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Adam Lippes and Eckhaus Latta.

That being said, there’s a lot that you can do to make the shine-wear work for you. I know it can seem a bit daunting but there’s really nothing more stylish than pulling off one of those. So, in this article today, I tried to put together four different styling options that can be used on various kinds of occasions. The common denominator being the long silver metallic blazer I got from my partner site – Shein. Big thanks to them for helping me put together this style and outfit. You can simply click here to get it for yourself- http://shein.top/iptubn1.

1. Over a Bralette and skinny jeans

4 way: Silver Metallic Blazer Styling

Bralettes are tops are a big trend this year. So, I wore a white one with skinny jeans and topped it with this metallic blazer. I thought this is the most doable street/day version of this key piece. You can also swap out your bralette for a plain white T-shirt if you like.

2. Silver on Silver

4 way: Silver Metallic Blazer Styling

Now, this may look tough to pull off but seriously nothing says drama and amazing like silver on silver. I think this is a great dance night outfit. After all, when going to the club, why not be the disco ball yourself. At least people will know where the party is at.

3. As a Dress

4 way: Silver Metallic Blazer Styling

I think you can never go wrong with a blazer dress, especially if it’s a metallic one. make sure your blazer is long enough to pull it off, though. I wore mine over a black slip just to be extra sure. This makes for a perfect date night or a soiree outfit.


4. Over Vibrant Tulle

4 way: Silver Metallic Blazer Styling

Tulle is winning trend this year, being carried over from 2019. For a beautiful evening out, a metallic blazer over a vibrant piece of tulle works perfectly. I’d not add any accessories and wear a muted color blouse to let the two ‘extra’ pieces do their job.

So, that’s all the silver metallic blazer styling recommendations I have for you guys today. Do share your thoughts and if you have another outfit idea with this key piece in the comments below. I ‘d love to add a 5th way to this list any day.

In my final thoughts, wearing a silver metallic blazer is a bit intimidating but for those that just need a flair of drama, they’re absolutely perfect. So, this is a Spring/Summer trend that I’m all set to get behind.

If you’ve gotten excited & inspired by these chic, stylish outfits, check them out and more on my partner site Shein using code:

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