5 amazing things travel taught me

5 amazing things travel taught me

Not long ago, I decided to start working my butt off to create a life which helps me fulfill my one and only true purpose in life – traveling. Not only did it help me discover and rediscover my passion for blogging, it truly made me a story-teller. However, when I think of my trips, it isn’t all good memories and beautiful times. It has been as difficult as it is satisfying. And the very same challenges have helped me build resilience, patience, and character, amongst the many other learnings. So, that’s what basically has compelled me to compile this list of all amazing things travel taught me!

I think, my growth has a person been exponential since I’ve started to travel. I mean, I don’t want to oversell it but it’s only all so true. From finding friends in strangers to finding comfort in the strangest places, traveling has literally pushed me out of my comfort zone and expanded my horizons. And I’ve truly loved and learned from each aspect. I mean, why’d I keep going back wanting for more otherwise!

Travel taught me:


1. Beauty is too Personal to be Owned

You don’t have to be a genius to know that beauty is subjective as it is. However, traveling gave me a peek into varied cultures and strengthened my understanding of it. It’s obviously beyond skin deep but even if you think just about that, it’ll always be fascinating to have something that’s unconventional in one culture mesmerizingly beautiful in another. In the globalized world today, when I travel, I also see how these boundaries dissolve, too. And that despite being so different and being beautiful in our own ways, we are actually more similar than we’d admit. Which sums up my take on beauty, it’s not just cultural or social, it’s too personal.

5 amazing things travel taught me

2. To be a Good Listener is a gift

I think the most exciting part of my trips has been the stories I’ve come across. Of my own adventures and people who I’ve met on my way, stories are what beg me to go back. However, travel taught me that often when people only like to talk about themselves and share their end without having the will or patience to listen and learn is when they miss out the most. Not just from people but also from the places and nature. I took my time to build this, myself. And, I truly understand and appreciate the fact that ‘Good listening skills’ are but a gift!

5 amazing things travel taught me

3. Road to Empowerment starts with you

I’ve said and felt this before I started to really travel too but traveling has empowered me in a way nothing ever has. First and foremost, it pushes me out of my comfort-zone, it makes me want to take risks and do things others or even I don’t see myself doing in a regular scenario. From engaging with people to explain complicated scenarios and get issues sorted to physical activities like trekking, hiking, and even hitchhiking, travel has made me do it all. Besides, my lust for travel has also enabled me to find innovative ways of being able to afford it… enter le blog. And how that’s empowered me… well, that’s a whole different article!

5 amazing things travel taught me

4. Someone will always know more than you

Honestly, this sounds such bullocks saying till you actually experience it. I can distinctly point out the exact scenarios where I felt like a student before I traveled. Now, I feel like I’m learning something new every day. And what the world teaches you comes from people of all ages, classes, and masses. So, ground yourself with an empty cup ready to be filled with the best of lessons.

5. Your Humbleness is not your Greatness

I see this as an extension of the fourth point but feel the need to mention it again. This is largely because the greatest people I’ve met across the world are also the most humble ones. Same goes for cultures and communities, too. So, don’t seek extravagance because you will find a lot more soul food in the greatness of humility! And stay grounded, because the more I travel and learned about the world, the more realized how I know nothing.

5 amazing things travel taught me

Well, that’s the top 5 on my list of the amazing things travel taught me. There’re, of course, countless other things big or small that my adventures have taught me, but I leave them for later. For now, I’d love to know of the adventures you’ve had and the lessons you’ve learned and celebrate them. Because even when we travel to the same city or location, our experiences are as unique as our being. And it is in those differences amidst the similarities that we find ourselves. So, share them in the comments below and let’s talk.

For more of my travel in style adventures, keep reading ERTSY. Till then, keep wandering, keep wondering, and keep exploring!

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