5 checkpoints: Finding Comfortable Shoes

5 checkpoints: Finding Comfortable Shoes

Let’s get real, I can take a lifetime to describe my issues with shoes for women, or just shoes in general, but it just won’t be enough. Let me sum it up in an old quote I read somewhere, ‘Men are like shoes, the cuter they are, the more they hurt.’ This was unless I realized that this in principle with fukbois. Similarly, shoes can be nicer and more committed, too. I mean that’s all that a girl wants, right? Something dependable, approachable, that feels natural; something to rely upon in moments of stress, and no drama. So, without sidetracking, here’s a list of the 5 checkpoints I use for finding comfortable shoes.


Let’s start with the kind of shoes that can be associated with comfort. Moccasins or loafers, derbies, flip-flops, flat boots, wedges and, block Heels are what would be an easy fit in this category and on your foot. You see your foot is supposed to naturally be flat and not half erected on a slanting angle of pain and despair. Anyway, that doesn’t mean I’m going to skip the tips for heeled shoes, so don’t worry. Just maybe try to avoid wearing them. I mean, you wear them, your foot hurts, you feel cranky, I see you wear them, I realize I never would, I feel cranky; who is really winning here?


Finding Comfortable Shoes:

1. Material Check

Yes! Like clothes, the make or break for shoes, too, is in its material. Simply avoid synthetics. Go for fabric uppers, suede or if you must, leather. These materials breathe, which lessens the chance of blistering. However, this doesn’t mean synthetic shoes can’t be comfy. It does take a lot more to finding comfortable shoes, so this is one shouldn’t be conclusive.

2. Construction Check

5 checkpoints: Finding Comfortable Shoes

I’m not even kidding that this is possible without tearing the shoe apart. You just gotta apply pressure on the heel area from inside the shoe and check if the insole is touching the heel or not. You want to go for NOT here. If the heel and insole have no cushion in between, this shoe is going to be your worst nightmare. This becomes even more important in a high heeled shoe, especially pumps or platform shoes. This is, unfortunately, quite conclusive.

3. Tilt-Wobble Check

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Support! A girl needs support! Goes without saying that shoes should neither be too tight nor too loose. You need something to hold your foot right in its place, and gently. So, wear the shoes and check if it tilts or wobbles when you walk around in it. The shoes have to be able to hold its center so your foot doesn’t have to do all the holding.If done right, this also helps fight the shoe bites! If you’re a flats person only like me, go for shoes with leather or rubber soles for maximum shock absorption.  Again, a conclusive point but with the flexibility of preference.

4. Diggers Check

5 checkpoints: Finding Comfortable Shoes

All diggers are bad. Don’t be one, don’t feed one! So, pay attention to those potentially digging straps, inward hanging studs or whatever kinks you’re in. Even the shoe linings can be super irritating if made of a hard material or are just plain tight. Other than avoiding tight shoes in, you can also go for seamless style straps to avoid the diggers. For example, this beautiful piece I found on the Metro Shoes website, without compromising on the details, it saves your foot from the unnecessary trouble of the diggers. This is definitely conclusive if you want to wear a shoe for a longer duration.

5. Toe-Safety Check

I think while talking about shoes, people emphasize so much on the killer ‘heels’ that one tends to forget the sucker ‘toes’. I mean, toe safety is a real concern, especially if you’ve got a wide one, like me. Make sure you have enough space in the toe box area to not being ramming your precious toe everytime you take a step. Winder the toe, more conclusive this is.


Well, that was about checkpoint list for finding comfortable shoes. Our feet bear all of our weight, literally, so don’t be unfair to them. Besides, it has been said time and again that a woman can conquer the world with the right shoe. So, don’t let these minions hold you back. Own them like the diva you are.

What do you think? Do you find them helpful? Or do you want to add some of yours? Do you think they are completely useless? Or do you think shoe shopping is easy-peasy and I just gotta chill. I won’t know unless you tell me, so comment below! Maybe we can go shoe shopping together. Who knows!


For my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, keep yourself safe from hastily bought shoes (and fukbois, obv). xo

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