5 Checks for finding the Perfect Spring Dress

5 Checks for finding the Perfect Spring Dress

After what felt like an eternity of cold with chills and snow, and all things grey and depressing, Spring has finally decided to spring on us! (geddit?) I know the weather is still kind of bipolar and irritating but I’ve decided to force-induce the spring this year. Mostly because of the fact that I can’t seem to able to stand cold but definitely also because of the SS18 fashion trends I can’t wait to sport! So, I’ve decided to start out with the basics and compile my list of 5 checks for finding the Perfect Spring Dress!


To celebrate the upcoming trends and warmth, I found my perfect spring dress from Shein! In case you don’t already know, I’ve partnered with Shein to create and curate some beautiful looks for all of my ERTSY fam. you can support this partnership or buy this dress for yourself right here: Layered Fringe Embellished Flounce Sleeve Bardot Dress


So back to the point! I have compiled 5 checkpoints a dress needs to pass through to qualify as the perfect spring dress. I’ll be sharing all these with you while I also share some posey shots in my own perfect spring dress. And even though I talk about the dress as the focus of this checklist, I do talk about styling the entire outfit around it.


1. Color Check

Spring is the best time to sway between pastels and burnt shades. I would choose pastel over everything all year long, but that is just my personal style. However, the SS18 trends are also all in about checks and ice cream pastels. So, basically, color the world and go crazy! (throws confetti) Of course, I chose my spring favorite – pink to begin the season, but yellow, green, and blue are equally hot this year!


2. Fabric Check

Needless to say, go for lighter fabrics but don’t shy away from polyester lining dresses, either. This season is quite conducive and all those beautiful and rather affordable dresses would be a hard miss if you are too fussy about the fabric anyway. However, it is super important that your dress isn’t bulky or it would be a big drag. We don’t want that now, do we!


3. Flounce Check

Remember how I kept talking of exaggerated ruffles, frill, or furbelow for dresses to look beautiful… so, that’s basically a thing of the past. I mean, all that still makes a dress look majestic, it is just going to look lighter and less bulky, thanks to the flounce. So, make sure your spring dress passes the flounce check at all times. Like mine does!


4. Denim Check

Okay, this may seem trivial but it is super important to have Denims as a part of your Spring outfit at all times. With a dress, it could be in your shoes, a belt, choker, or a classic jacket like I’ve taken here. This is literally the easiest fix to take your spring outfit to the next level. In fact, it can literally make any autumn dress spring friendly, too. So, check that your dress matches your denim piece and well.


5. Vibe Check

The (ex) artistic director of Celine, Phoebe Philo, summed up the spring mood: “If there is anything to say at the moment, let it be with love. Let it be joyful.”

So, look exactly for that kind of vibe when you look for your perfect mood setter. Remember that add-ons and accessories like contrast choker necklaces, beanies, and beautiful bags will always be your best friends and companions in the fashion journey!


And Voila! You’ve got your perfect spring dress (outfit)!

Share your expert insights into finding the perfect spring dress or outfit in the comments below. Watch out for all the fabulous Spring-Vibe content I’ve got lined up for you. Don’t forget to get this dress and more from Shein by clicking here to up your spring fashion game!


For more of my Travel in Style adventures, keep reading ERTSY. Till then, stay stylish, embrace positivity of the spring, and learn to love yourself!

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