5 checks for finding the Perfect Autumn Dress

5 checks for finding the Perfect Autumn Dress

First things first, my happiness knows no bounds because my favorite season – autumn is here. Honestly, even though I have legit reasons to not like this season because of all the cold and winds the autumn fashion feels are everything that I live for. Which is why I decided to embrace the season with an outfit post. Yes, you got that right! For this post, I go all ladylike in a spectacularly Perfect Autumn Dress.


After months of wearing pastels, slip dresses, off shoulders, and wrap dresses it can be a little difficult to find your perfect autumn dress. Besides, it is just always safer to top a sweater on a skirt or a double a bomber and jeans than looking for that perfect autumn dress. Especially with the changing and blending trends, autumn shopping can be a little overwhelming. Fret not, ERTSY is here to rescue you (and the autumn dresses, too :p) !!

I have compiled 5 checkpoints a dress needs to pass through to qualify as the perfect autumn dress. I’ll be sharing all these with you while I also share some posey autumn shots in my own perfect autumn dress. Also, you may notice, maybe, I went a little extra with my outfit coupling it with the gloves, collar style choker, and all but then, Autumn is literally all about being extra. Don’t you remember mommy asking you to wear ‘extra layers’ to keep the cold away? We’ll count it as that.


1. Color Check

5 checks for finding the Perfect Autumn Dress

Sorry, but the cold winds will make you go a little pale and deeps reds, burnt orange, teal blue, chocolate and cream fit will beautifully flatter it. Obviously, these colors are also the best fit for the brown and burnt landscapes. However, the color for the night may still be black.


2. Fabric Check

5 checks for finding the Perfect Autumn Dress

While corduroy, wool tweeds, and wool knits are a safe choice I’ve got a strong belief that the glam is in viscose-polyester mixed cotton dresses. I also read somewhere that Slinky jersey dresses are easy to wear and hide a multitude of sins. TL;DR – go for fabric that feels heavier than that of your summer dresses. You want to keep you warm and not fly with the winds.


3. Flare Check

5 checks for finding the Perfect Autumn Dress

Shirt shift dresses, Floral skater dresses, or solid color maxis, flare is what you’re looking for. Repeat after me ‘Fit and Flare’. Yes, you need something that creates a silhouette even with a heavy knit jumper or cardigan. The more flowy, the better. Remember to bring out the absolute princess in yourself when you dress up in autumn. Otherwise, what is even the point of climbing out of the warmth of your blanket anyway?


4. Cardigan Check

5 checks for finding the Perfect Autumn Dress

This is an extension of the third check-point and is important enough to have an extension. Your dress must look nothing short of fabulous with a cardigan. I don’t want you to pass out in the cold or hide behind a large coat either. So, the perfect autumn dress is basically incomplete without the perfect cardigan. To actually wear it or not is your choice though.


5. Vibe Check

5 checks for finding the Perfect Autumn Dress

This is such an instinctive and yet the most quantifiable part of this process. I mean why would you wear a dress if it doesn’t match your autumn vibe. I’m talking about something gothica, something mysterious, something sensuous, and something very you. Go for detail enhancement like belts, brooches, unique necklines, etc to make it work for you. Personalization is the best kind of styling anyway.


And Voila! You’ve got your perfect autumn dress.

5 checks for finding the Perfect Autumn Dress

Remember to match it with some ‘extras’ like gloves, a hat, sparkle boots, or whatever works for your fabulous self.


Do tell me if you have any more expert insights into finding the perfect autumn dress in the comments below. If you’re here because of the giveaway, don’t forget to check out some of my other articles, too.


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  1. I like the details you put about the fabric. 😃
    Btw, those boots and that perfectly done swirl! 🌪️

  2. I absolutely love how you are glowing in the red flairs. The Cardigan point helped me the most as winter is coming n I’ve to gear up for all wedding functions in style n simultaneously stay safe n warm. 💝☺☺

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