5 Chic Beach Vacation Style tips

5 Chic Beach Vacation Style tips

Hello people! Despite the pandemic dumping on most of our plans for 2020, the part of the world where I’m at (Europe), the entirety of the population seems to either be on a holiday or prepping for a holiday. So, even I broke the spell & have decided to go for a beach vacation to Cote d’Azure. And well, even if the summer is almost at its end, I’m still gonna hope that you can take a beach vacation soon, too. In fact, this is why I decided to share a list of some handy beach vacation style tips to keep you motivated.

Yes! even though beaches are fun and relaxing, you gotta keep up the style & chic quotient.

First things first, everybody has a beach-body, so I’m not here to talk about that sh*t. These style tips are for everyone who likes to up their fashion game irrespective of where they are. This means that this list is not biased like some other lists on the internet towards those who already look good. This list is for those who want to wear good irrespective. 


The Beach Vacation Style Tips:

1. Invest in a Swimsuit

5 Chic Beach Vacation Style tips

Textured bikini with bow

You can’t get a conventional Beachbody at the last minute but you certainly can find a perfect swimsuit for yourself. Always choose the right size- never bigger or smaller. Go for the one with pads or light corsets to accentuate your curves (hide a little bit of belly).


2. Befriend Kimonos

5 Chic Beach Vacation Style tips

Sheer Kimono with Drawstring


Not only will Kimonos save you from the sunburns but will also make you look chic between your breaks from the sea over the swimsuit/bikini. The best part is that they are light and can be doubled up with shorts and a tank top for your day excursions, too.

3. Basket Bag and Straw Hat

Sunscreen, towels, mats, gadgets, and more, a beach holiday ensues a lot of carry-on. Therefore, a basket bag is not only a chic alternative but also essential. If you’re hesitant in carrying it on your flight, take a foldable, waterproof beach bag instead, but don’t travel without a bag either way. The same goes for the straw hat. Other than adding dimensions to your outfit it will save your face and hair from having dimensions of sunburn.

4. Maxi(mize) your Style Quotient

5 Chic Beach Vacation Style tips

Dress with bow and English embroidery

I’m not even sorry for using that punto emphasize on how important and stylish Maxi Dresses look on beach vacations. They are perfect for the street evenings and for the beach resort vibes, too. Lace, off shoulder, light-colored, fit flair style maxis are my go-to beach vacation style.

5. Rev up those Flats

5 Chic Beach Vacation Style tips

Moccasin mules with embroidery and metal

Flat shoes will be your best friend on any beach vacation. Take your pick between the metallic style, gladiators, jute footbed or tennis shoes, and say no to moccasins, wedges, and cross-trainers. When done right, your shoes will enhance your glam quotient to the highest level.


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So, that was my edit of the beach Vacation Style tips. If you have any more, leave them in the comments below. What do you think? Did I miss something? Leave it in the comments below!

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