5 Chic yet Affordable Holiday Outfit Ideas

Holiday Outfit Ideas Shein

Hey, Ertsy people! So, you know, I don’t really do Outfit ideas’ posts but with about a week left to holidays, I actually succumbed to the pressure of festivities. Moreover, since I was looking for holiday outfit ideas for my own self, I thought I might as well create a guide with all those I really liked. Maybe you’ll see one or more of them in my next travel in style adventure, too, in Italy. (Super Excited). And I’m sure you want to see these since they are all for €45 or less!


To begin with, I wanted the ensembles to be classy, chic, very party friendly, and more importantly affordable. Which made it a little more challenging than you think. This is why I went to this awesome shopping site- Shein.com which helped me achieve this goal in more ways than I know. Besides for my international audience, this site works perfectly as it ships internationally (Free Shipping ATM). And just FYI this Holiday Outfit Ideas post is in no way sponsored by Shein, so, I won’t be biased or promoting any particular products unless they’re really worth it.


Moreover, the money you save on your perfect outfit can not only help you shop more gifts to appreciate your loved ones but also contribute to your charity streak. After all, holidays are not just for us, but also for sharing the cheer with those who can’t afford it, too. (Yes, see this as a reminder for this year’s charity)


Now onto the style guide – the focus is on the two principles I can’t stop emphasizing enough as a Travel in Style blogger – comfort and personalization. They do go hand in hand but are equally important to be emphasized on separately. Besides, since these are the principles I use to create my own outfits, I just had to use them in this guide for chic yet affordable holiday outfit ideas, too. Another important aspect to consider is the weather. I mean seriously, I just can’t handle cold winds, so I’ll try to create outfits for both indoors and outdoors.


Click on the outfit pictures to buy the actual product!

1. Undefeated Monochromes

A functional outfit with a classic touch – the white turtleneck sweater and the black skirt style shorts will make you look strong and sharp. Wear that trendy cape coat over it (totally crushing over this) and some OOTN boots to make it even more happening.

Holiday Outfit Ideas Shein Holiday Outfit Ideas Shein Holiday Outfit Ideas Shein


2. Tulle Twist

Since I’m a big fan of Tulle, I couldn’t have had a look without it. A beautiful tulle blouse with a dramatic collar, a skirt with lace detail and a contrasting short, stylish trench. This is literally as chic as it gets!!

Holiday Outfit Ideas SheinHoliday Outfit Ideas SheinHoliday Outfit Ideas Shein


3. Classic Little Black Dress

since you can never go wrong with a LBB, grab this one with some lace detail. Add a fur laden vest or a a coloured blanket scarf… or both !!

Holiday Outfit Ideas SheinHoliday Outfit Ideas SheinHoliday Outfit Ideas Shein


4. A Sprinkle of Pearl

Pearls are definitely the chic-est thing this season. Pair a classy pearl knit dress up with a fur hooded Parka style jacket and you’ll not only be outstanding but also rock the festive colors with panache.

Holiday Outfit Ideas Shein



5. Furry Up

Well, if you’re too lazy or not the one for the Holiday jazz, wear this glittery mesh top and just add an extravagant fur coat over a pair of jeans or an LBB and you’ll be sorted!

Holiday Outfit Ideas SheinHoliday Outfit Ideas Shein


Hope you enjoyed reading my Holiday outfit ideas list. If it does inspire you, go to Shein and order away. I highly recommend this site for its efficiency and overall affordability, too.

If you do have more ideas I could use for my Holiday Outfits, inspire me in comments below. For more of my travel in style adventures, keep reading Ertsy.


Till then, Happy Holidays, spread the cheer, and be your own desire!

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