5 Classic Christmas gift ideas!

5 Classic Christmas gift ideas!

Hey ERTSY fam! Who doesn’t love a great gift, not only when you’re on receiving end but also when you’re the ‘gifter’. Personally, gifting is something I enjoy & cherish. I take it as a way of showcasing my thought and emotion for my loved ones. I especially love surprise gifts that someone can use and enjoy for a long time to come. However, I do understand but sometimes getting to the very idea of ‘what’ makes the whole gifting process dreadful. Which is what motivated me to create this classic Christmas gift guide! This may actually be the first of many depending on how you guys respond to this.


Now, while culturally, I do not celebrate Christmas, as a part of my convent style education and upbringing, Christmas has been a big part of my life. From singing carols in the school choir to enjoying the Secret Santa rituals at the workplace, I’ve grown to enjoy all of Christmas traditions. However, after a faux pas in one of my previous encounters, I have come to realize that some people only appreciate a classic Christmas gift. It could be your boss, your parents, or even your colleague. Well enough, there’s absolutely nothing that is wrong about it. After all, it is the spirit of Christmas to celebrate by giving happiness to everyone around you.


Which is why I’m starting my listicle(s) with the classic Christmas gift ideas!


Before we get to the actual list, let me specify that this particular list is for my friends & family in the UK as I partner with ronnycolbie.com ! This website is an extension of a young, celebrated florist in London who brings joy to people by adding a bit of panache and luxe to all his classic bundles.


5 Classic Christmas gift ideas:

1. Chocolates

You obviously can never go wrong with Chocolates. Other than many flavors of this pure love you also have innovative packaging and availability. I take most of my chocolates from dutyfree actually; can never save enough!


2. Luxury Candles


I have grown a newfound love for luxury candles in the past few months. I’m especially impressed by the RonnyColbie luxury candles since they’re not only affordable but also “created using the connection between flowers and perfume, each with a powerful background story and evoking memories through the power of scent.”


3. Personalized Bouquets


While Bouquets can be very generic & ‘safe’ but you can always add your touch to the bouquets and make it into a personalized gift to remember. From the favorite flowers to those that emote a memory, the scope is in abundance. The best part is that a bouquet delivery can be done at the shortest of notices!


4. Christmas Wreaths


Another classic but ever-changing gift. Best for those loved-ones who believe in the spirit of Christmas to be best celebrated in a cultural way.


5. Gift Cards

When you finally get to the bottom of your thinking well, there’s nothing that a gift card can’t fix. Make sure to choose a gift card that can cover maximum stores (online or offline) in your vicinity. An e-commerce store (like Amazon) or that from a big city mall/retail store like Bloomingdales is always a good idea!


So, that’s about it for my Classic Christmas gift ideas. If you can think of some more, feel free to share in the comments below.


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