5 Decor Hacks for your Bachelor Pad

5 Decor Hacks for your Bachelor Pad

The whole Ertsy community knows how I have moved out of my parent’s home to my own apartment (in Paris, yes!). And, I’m always looking for great ways to make myself feel more at home in this Bachelor Pad I call home. While it has certainly been difficult shifting my life, a better apartment vibe has certainly got me going much better. I guess it is true that your home resonates your vibe! Well, if you’re a creative or a fashion person like me, these hacks are absolutely what you want and if you’re not, well, it never hurts to live in a beautiful place. Shoutout to ‘Design Bundles’, for helping me create this list for you!

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I have been getting so many compliments about my studio apartment… Oh, well, why don’t you see a glimpse…

Bachelorhood and independence make for a beautiful combination and it is the time to create the best version of your life and yourself. And what better than starting with your own home! So, here are 5 things you need to turn your bachelor pad into a stunning palace (metaphorically :P). And FYI, these are simple, doable and cheap, so don’t argue on that, now.

1. Wall Art

To represent your dreams, passions, ambitions, personality and all of your quirks!



2. Dream Catchers


To catch your dreams and also because they’re so awfully beautiful!

3. Doormats



Because even if people are not welcome into your life, you should always feel welcome in your paradise!  Also because you have to have cleaner floors.

4. Lights & Lamps


Because only you can light up your own life! And because they can turn any day around.

5. Wall Art

5 Decor Hacks for your Bachelor Pad

Well, some more motivation to push through the off days never hurts! You can choose from 1000s of SVG cutting file templates on Design Bundles to create your custom wall-art and print it out. Save money & time, without compromising on your aesthetic with this resource bundle!


So, go ahead and create a beautiful bachelor pad for yourself with these awesome decor hacks. And remember, a good home always reflects a good vibe on you.

Stay Ertsy, be your own desire! xx


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