5 Things straight out of my Dream Wedding Venue

I’m at that 20-something age right now where things a little too awkward to be reasonable. While some of the people around me are having a very hard time even crawling out of the bed, the others are getting married & starting their codependent adult life. And if I’m being real, all of this can get really overwhelming sometimes. Especially with social media literally reminding me of all the extreme lifestyles of these people on a regular basis. Since planning & organizing is what calms me down, I took this as an opportunity to create this list of 5 things straight out of my dream wedding venue.

Now, I don’t have or want to have many opinions on marriages, but I do think weddings are a lot of fun. With many new concepts of celebration and partying being imbibed into the whole ceremony, it is pretty evident that no one wants to just have a traditional week out any longer. There’s pre-wedding, post, between, literally every step is a big, never-ending party.

Especially, if it’s not yours. So, this list is basically that of my dream for a or any wedding and not necessarily mine (yeah, still not thinking about it, mom).

So, here’re the things I imagine for my dream wedding venue:

1. Mega Venues:

Okay, first things first, the venue should be a novelty. Yes, I know how everyone wants to be politically correct and not spend ‘so much’ on the pretext of dream wedding blah blah. TBH if you don’t, I’m 100% for it, but have you seen those big, mega venue, palace or country house type weddings? I mean, don’t take away my only shot at feeling like an absolute queen that I am


2. Family Tree PhotoWall:

Everyone loves pictures and everyone loves revisiting memories, so tada! Here’s the intersection. Spot a perfectly light corridor or a magnificent wall, stick all the pictures of your family tree and like say a Facebook timeline or Insta feed. Don’t worry; your happy faces make it look fantastic anyway. Basically, glorify the bride and groom. And if it is a love marriage, maybe in a way, recite your love-story too.

3. Glitter Dance Floor

The colored DJ-Floor is such a big NO for wedding parties now, so well, Glitter dance floors are something you can experiment with. Anyway, we have so much glitter on our dresses and in our make-up that it will only suit the setting. And it will be so aesthetically pleasing and dream wedding types… (sincerely -the Instagrammer me.)

4. Photo Booth

Yes, you got me right, with the candid fashion coming in there’s something which is still a lot more fun. A fun photo booth. Your friends and family can do all the weird stuff and get the pictures instantly too. Besides, this will make some awesome footage for your marriage video, or even on a website you set-up for everyone to view that on-venue craziness. Plus people will worship your uber-coolness forever. I know I will!

5. Color books

You certainly do not want kids going crazy amidst the tea-spilling wedding drama, well, neither do their parents. So give them Color books or have a kid’s section, IDK create a crash creche. TBH some adults will make good candidates for receiving these coloring books, too. All adults and kids will be happy and at peace and you can focus on more important things like who copied whose dress and OMG!


So, that was my list of 5 Things straight out of my Dream Wedding Venue. For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY!

Disclaimer: This article is written in collaboration with bijouweddingvenues.co.uk.

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