5 Easy Ertsy Wedding hairstyles


Let’s face it, we’re a lazy bunch of gals out there when it comes to attending weddings, aren’t we. AND WHO KEEPS UP WITH THOSE WEDDING HAIRSTYLES!

So, attending a wedding? Looking for an easy, ertsy, last minute hairstyle tip? I know you are. (I know I always am.)

The trick is basically using your hair to its optimum best and accessorising so that you can get the most amazing look in just no time and well, what best place to look for Wedding accessories than at Kraftly! Also, these tips are for medium and long hair, you short hair chicas got it too easy, STAHP. (J.K.)

1) Twisty Bun:

Just ruffle and twist your hair, and bun it. No, seriously. Put a fancy and beautiful bun-pin on it to keep it there. Take your flicks out and be the pretty self you are in the most comfortable style there is. This style is always handy on even a bad hair day!
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2) The head-gear:

Straighten your hair or ruffle them in a bland pony, just put a head-gear (I mean Maang-tika and likes) and voila! You have a brilliant head-turner look. The best part is that this look works with all shape-faces and all ethnic dress-styles.
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3) The French Pony-tail:

We all have spent half our lives learning this three layer pony tail. Someone or the other in the family has to know it. So if you have a relatively smaller face with outward jaw-bones this is the best hairstyle there can be! Helps you manage them layer-cut hair the best and looks chic AF.
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4) The Regular High- Pony:

If you have long and/or straight here, this is the best thing that can possibly happen to you! Just throw in a little bit of Maskara to highlight your eyes and you sure will be an eye-catcher. Works best if you want to be a little-bit of stand-out in min effort. *wink*
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5) The Forehead clutched bun:

Okay just take a little hair from your forehead, if you have flicks, leave a few of them free-falling on the forehead, and clutch these up on your head. The idea is to not take all your hair and also isn’t a half plait, somewhere even lesser than that. It’s great to go with all your anarkalis and suits! And again, add the mang-tika (or not).
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At Ertsy, the idea is to always be at your comfortable best and dressing according to the season. So, do that. Or you know what, just keep ’em loose & add some Kraftly Earrings! 😉

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