5 Ertsy Boardroom2Catwalk Boots

5 Ertsy Boardroom2Catwalk Boots

Hey, Ertsy Fashionistas! How’re you taking our awesome and diggin’ hacks so far? We’re absolutely loving the response on everything, whether it is on the decor hacks or the lazy winter fashionista hacks. And to constantly reciprocate the love-showers, we have vowed to keep this hacks coming and also shower you with some awesome, festive give-aways! So, while we’re coming up with another giveaway this week, here’s another hack-listicle to sooth your soul. And, if you’re a young working professional, newly tasting the office-life but yet not over college, this is what will turn you on. *wink*

Well, let us first understand that the millennial fashion is all about romancing with their comfort. We’re people who love pace and respect space, and hence, uncomfortable kittens and stilettos don’t quite do for our daily races. Which is why, when it comes to women footwear, it becomes so important for young and dynamic career women, like us, to always put their best foot forward. *See what I did there|\Sorry*

So, courtesy, Kraftly, here are our best recommendations for the best five Ertsy Boardroom2Catwalk Boots.

1) The Pastel Boots


With light heel and a beautiful pastel pallet colour, these boots are a must have for any fashionista. The best bit about these boots has to be the clean look and the flexibility with the wardrobe.


2) The Classy Black Boots


The-good-to-go with every damn thing, these boots are basically a must-have. They are chic and statement wear on just too many levels.

3) The Grip Block Boots


Nothing shouts fashion and comfort louder than these amazing boots. I mean look at the sassy finish and the formal appeal. I especially am the fan of the off-beat grey colour.


4) The Vans/Loafers


These beautiful loafers go with all legging outfits and damn, do they look suave. Besides, these are a promise of walking-comfort, so if long walks is what your work-demands, these are for you!

5)The Brown Boots


Now, the thing with classics is that they never ever go out of fashion. Just like the brown/tan boots. And that makes them a fashion investment. Especially when they go perfectly for work-place semi-casual outfit as well as all your day outings!


So, here’s our list. Do let us know what you think about it in comments below. Don’t forget to check out Kraftly for all these and more. Until next time, stay ertsy! xx


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