5 step guide to Ertsy Style

5 step guide to Ertsy Style

For those who’ve stuck around for a while, it is no news that I’ve been a bundle of insecurities before I started this travel in style blog and it has helped me empower myself in one-too-many-ways. Which is why I hold everything I have learned in the process is very dear to me. Hence, I have decided to share a 5 step guide to the ERTSY style which is much beyond than the paradigms of surface appearance and much more to do with internalized beauty.

We’re finishing 2018 strong with the best of content, community, & vibes, so thank you to all of you amazing people for standing by! We stopped doing some signature ‘Look of the Weeks’, but at the same time started more venues of sharing and co-creating content with some amazing fashion & travel partners. This year has seen a very high personal growth for me in terms understanding and experimenting with fashion, too. So, this has to be the blog that has come with the year-long initiative and research along with my personal principles. With a hope that these ERTSY style guides help you discover your fashion and styles, here I go!

1. Personalise style

5 step guide to Ertsy Style

In the world of mass-production and idol-following, it is very hard to stay true to yourself. The best way to do that is by experimenting with your fashion in the most fierce and fearless way. You may fail sometimes, but you’ll succeed and stand-out more times.

2. Travel to inspire and to be inspired

5 step guide to Ertsy Style

When you go to a new place, soak in the essence of the place from its streets and then give your personal edge to the styles when you take on the place with your own style. Every city, town, and avenue has the vision to offer, make sure you make the best out of it.


3. Always Choose Comfort

5 step guide to Ertsy Style

We are often led to believe that the more uncomfortable a dress or shoes are, the better they look. In all honesty, that’s the biggest farce I know. The only thing you need to look your best is your comfort because effortless fashion is hands-down the best fashion.

4. Don’t be afraid to seek references

5 step guide to Ertsy Style

Even if you’re the biggest of stylist or fashionista, it never hurts to get some reference to create a better perspective for yourself. Like all other arts, fashion is only happening until it stays relevant to the perspective. Sometimes, that reference comes from your own experiments, too. So, take the leap!

5. Confidence is the key

5 step guide to Ertsy Style

Irrespective of what you do or wear, if you’re confident when you pull it off, you just slay! *wink*


This is just the beginning of our journey and I’m immensely thankful for all the continuous love and support I receive from all of you. In the coming year, we’ll strive to be better in all regards. So, major love to you all and hope you stay ERTSY, own all the fashion and life in the ERTSY style, and continue this journey with me to be your own desire!

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