5 Ertsy ways to look straight out of a Magazine in your budget

5 Ertsy ways to look straight out of a Magazine in your budget

Hola! Ertsy Chicas! Today, I’m gonna share with you some ertsy secrets to the corporate life of fashion. To help you get your looks ready and on-point, I’ve curated some looks and ways for you to look absolutely suave in your glam work wear. I’ve made it a point to make this wardrobe look classy and suit to the Indian office-ethics, too, but the looks are all Indo-western. And, just in case you’re wondering where to find these looks, head over straight to Myntra, now for your fashion online shopping in India!

So, here are the 5 Ertsy ways to look straight out of a Magazine (and own the glam work wear) in your budget !

1. Add a Blazer!


No, seriously, add a structured blazer to anything and everything; an A-line Skirt, Leggings, Palazzo Pants, Dresses and everything in between. It gives your body definition, makes you look well-put-together and is basically just reeks power. Personally, I prefer the sleek cuts and fits from Arrow. And, I suggest you should, too, for that’s exactly what a powerful ertsy woman.

2. Palazzo Pants are a good idea.

Picture 2

Trust me. So, if you’re scared that palazzo pants may make you look shabby or too relaxed, you’re wrong. Irrespective of what your body frame is, a well-styled palazzo pants will only compliment you. Pair them with a chic blouse or a save sleeve shirt and turn it into a sexy ensemble all by and for yourself.

3. Invest in a suave bag.


Now, the flee market bags and the glitter purses are very, very tempting but they are never a good investment for a work woman. Ever. So, instead, invest in a sleek and suave bag. Go for a designer brand maybe, and universal colours. And, don’t fret about the budget, you sure can find some designer bags all-in-your-budget from Myntra!

4. Always pay attention to your footwear.

Picture 4

You’re the corporate woman of the 21st century and uncomfortable shoes are definitely not going to hold you back at work anymore. Go for high power, comfortable yet sassy shoes. Invest in smart bellies, boots and lower heels, and blocks, they are hot. Kittens are passé, comfort is for the tigress that conquers it all!

5. Monochrome will never fail you.


Black, White, Nude, Nude Pink, Beige and their ensemble? Will work wonders. Always. Try even navy sometime. With monochrome no matter what you wear, these monochromes will always bring out the powerful ertsy woman in you!



So, now that we have all these awesome ways and some amazing inspirational looks, I look forward to seeing the Ertsy Woman in you on your next day to office! Don’t let your body frame hold you back. Work your assets and be confident and you’ll always be fabulous. Head to Myntra now, to find out all things to make these glam work wear looks for yourself and more. Till then, always Be Your Own Desire! xoxo

Banner Picture: Harpers Bazaar

Picture Sources: Pinterest

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  1. Monochrome and blazers are two of my favorite things! I would love to have a lifestyle where I can dress like this all the time.

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