5 Favorite Beach Outfits for the Season

5 Favorite Beach Outfits for the Season

While summer is an obvious time to go to the beach, the best time to be on the beach is in Spring. When the world is still cold and grey, some sun and waves can really breathe the life in you. I am talking from experience here. And, while I was having a ball on my beach holiday, I couldn’t help but wonder about my beautiful ERTSY fam. And I do know how bad you’re craving a beach trip yourself. So, why not start planning right away! To ease it up, I’ve got 5 of my top beach outfits for the season.
These outfits fall in-line with the SS 2018 trends to keep the fashionista in you happy but more importantly this list is curated to make your wallet stress free.


Yes! You read that right! Get ready to get beach chic with these awesome outfit ideas from with the outfits I’ve got on my Shein beach outfits wishlist. If you don’t already know, Shein is this awesome website with budget fast fashion. I’ve been a fan of this website for long and have recently ventured into a collaboration with them. The idea is to curate beautiful outfit ideas, style inspirations and give honest reviews. (no sell-outs on this blog). I’m linking these outfits to the website just in case you’re tempted to buy them, too.

1. Color Block Bow Tie Waist Buttons Shirtwaist Dress

I’m a sucker for beautiful maxi dresses and this one looking straight out of a high-fashion brand’s collection doesn’t help my case. I’m totally head over heels for this beauty since it falls in line with the 2018 SS trends of blocks, natural pastels, and the pleats. This is definitely the first on my beach outfit list and deservingly so.

2. Porcelain Print Crop Top With Shorts

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… block prints are the ‘it’ thing for this season. Take a classic beach shorts outfit and give an edge to it with this porcelain block print. It is clever and trendy, all at once. Exactly why I recommend it.

3. Bardot Frill Trim Jungle Print Dress

Surprising how each year everyone wonders if it is the last year of Bardot trend and it strikes back even more creatively. I love the natural green and the print details on this dress. Of course, the sleeves are stunning. The dress is light and perfect for a day on the beach spreading the festival vibes.

4. Crochet Insert Backless Tassel Tie Pom Pom Cover Up

I wouldn’t have called a cover-up an outfit if it wasn’t this chic and complete in itself. Crochets are classics but with these colorful tassels and a pair of trendy beach sandals, this cover-up looks nothing short of fantastic. It is a great outfit for a beach party or an after-swim walk, too. Another must have for a day full of fashion vibes.

5. Greek Key Print Crop Jacket

Including a jacket in beach outfits may seem bizarre at the outset but actually is super important considering the cold evening and night winds. This cropped jacket is a fashion lover’s delight. It literally has so many details and character that it is an outfit in itself. I can honestly see myself wearing it over ANY of the dresses above, too.


That’s all for now in my beach outfits wishlist. You’ll be seeing a glimpse of these styles and a lot more in my posts to come. In fact, I’m curating them as we speak and I’m SUPER excited to share them. Till then, keep following ERTSY for all my Travel in Style adventures and more!

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