5 Favourite #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek: 1st Bloggaversary Special

5 Favourite #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek: 1st Bloggaversary Special

Hey! Thank you for being here as we celebrate Ertsy’s Blog Anniversary week. I’m so excited to celebrate this blog as a year long initiative and research along with my personal principles. So, here’s a first blog anniversary special post with the five of our favourite and most loved #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek. Treat it as a quick recap of travel in style before we move on to the next best of awesome things lined up for this week. And, as we enter the new year of blogging, I promise that Ertsy will always continue to celebrate life, fashion, travel and people as we know it!

Travel in Style with #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Browse through the following looks to see more of my absolute favourite and most loved looks on Ertsy!

1) The City Chick

Well, to be honest, street fashion in its funky self has always left less room for imagination but once you understand and create fashion, class is all you look for. And this was something I always found rather scanty when it came to street styles. So, I thought of creating a look which is so stylish, up-haven and classy that even the City will look Chick with this city chick!


city street fashion

2) Artiste Freak

Just explore your personality and each variable of what style can mean to you. That’s what fashion and style is all about. Reveal your vision and your art on the canvas you are.

artistic fashion

3) Casuella

This look is all about combining the casual wear in an edgy classy mix. While it can be made into a lot of looks, we’ve started with the safest bet of the monochrome.

elegant fashion

4) Auburn Autumn

The season to me is all about layering in the finest styles and classiest colours to stand out in the beautiful shades of the fallen leaves. I embrace it with style and comfort each year, and this year while I am experiencing my first autumn in Paris, I’m celebrating with edginess and maybe, some drama, too.

autumn fashion paris

5) Moda Gothica

It is everything that has intrigued the ertsy in me for as long as I remember. So, when I was finally in Barcelonian Gothic Quarter that stands as the epitome of this legacy and sub-culture, I just couldn’t resist but style myself as one. To give an ertsy edge to it, I modernised the look, added our signature comfort. Oh, and the newly embraced French-elegance.

Gothic Fashion Barcelona


Hope you loved browsing through them as much as I’ve loved writing them. Thank you for your continuous love and support to Ertsy, I’ve got so much planned for this week to spread all the love I’ve received from you guys!

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Stay Ertsy, travel in style and be Your Own Desire! xx

Aditi Parashar
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