5 things on the flip side of blogging

5 things on the flip side of blogging Travel in Style

When I started blogging a 2-3 years ago I was unaware of the flip side of blogging. In fact, I was just an aspirational human being with a lot of creative energy. I wanted to channelize it in a way to create something I’d love and get (more) productive. Even though I had expected some traction or readership on my thoughts, I was realistic with how far I was willing to go.

Things eventually starting to take shape and in a few months, my content was appreciated by some famous people, brands, and agencies I’d looked up to. Because I wasn’t going for validation in the first place, it humbled me more. However, I saw the potential in what I was doing and tried to make something out of it. And from then on, it was only a road to realizing what no one tells you about trying.

5 things on the flip side of blogging Travel in Style

Don’t take me wrong, I’m super thankful and passionate towards blogging. However, the fact that some people feel entitled enough to make fun of bloggers or even demean the hard work that goes into the whole shenanigan is just ignorant. This is just an ode to the hard work that goes into following your passion. This is not a rant post, it is a post with empathy and seeking positivity amongst people who blog, want to blog or just know (or want to know) about the ‘real’ life of a blogger.

You see, trying (anything) in itself is hard, it takes courage, it takes effort and it can not guarantee results. Trying blogging doesn’t make it any less complex.

1. You become an ‘easy target’

First off, no one actually takes your career seriously. In fact, I know comics that have made a career out of making fun of bloggers. It doesn’t matter what you earn, how humble you are or whatever you benchmark your success on, you’re just an easy target. And no, it is not because what you do is ‘not a real job’ or ‘easy’. Because it is not. That is what makes it so important for the blogging community to stick together instead of seeing each other as competition.

5 things on the flip side of blogging Travel in Style

We are not competition to each other, we all are here for different reasons and the same essence- the will to share our creativity.

2. Putting your life out there is scary

When you share so much about your life out there, you’re not only opening yourself up to so many amazing people who will make your journey memorable but also some creeps who just feed off of the negativity. This is by far the biggest flip side of blogging. And, it is not just wrongful comments or bad feedback but sometimes the entire concept of sharing your life becomes scary. It brings a lot of self-insecurities and loathing, too. Besides, the deeper you go, the tenuous it gets.

3. It is more expensive than you could’ve thought

Okay, so think of how much I spend on creating my content, maintaining my tech and pumping in for other expenses. Nope. It is still more than that. Not only money but blogging feeds on your time and emotional space, too. I mean, I don’t remember the last free weekend I had. I am not obsessed with social media. I’m not blogging full-time. And yet, I burn out my cash more than any of my friends.

5 things on the flip side of blogging Travel in Style

4. The technicalities go beyond anything you learn conventionally

You can’t just be ‘creative’ and run a successful blog. Despite having the best quality of content, you need a business brain with an understanding of technicalities. Conventional education doesn’t teach any of this to you. At least right now. From PR to Digital Marketing, blogging is a business that can only be done by people who are ready to be self-taught and never get tired. In the larger scheme of events, though, this is not really a flip side of blogging. It actually teaches you a lot more than you can conventionally learn, and from a plethora of fields.


5. You make some friends but you lose them faster

The thing is that not everyone understands or respects what you do. There are ‘fake’ friends who would court you or diss you based on your interest as a blogger. Yes, I have found some amazing friends in the blogging community, transcending borders and age, but trying something of my own has made me lose the whole concept of ‘friends’. See, I was never very social or extroverted to start with, but I definitely lost friends faster than I gained. (No regrets, though.)


Bonus: There’re always random people just looking for a tea to spill on you at all times. AT ALL TIMES.

5 things on the flip side of blogging Travel in Style

Special shoutout to all the partner sites, amazing PRs, and brands that keep the dream going. And, obviously, you, the great reader, who is the sole reason of existence <3

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So, that was all about the flip side of blogging. If there’s something you want to add or something that intrigues you, feel free to comment below.

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