5 hacks to Strap your Saree to perfection

5 hacks to Strap your Saree to perfection

As the great Indian wedding season knocks our doors to knock us off with its extravagance and marvel, we at Ertsy have everything to keep you just covered. (Wink) Now, to be honest, a saree, as pretty as it is, is quite a hassle but once you have it draped in the right way, there’s no other attire in the world that savours the elegance of a woman like such. So, here’re some Saree strap Hacks.

Surprisingly, though, the make or break in the beauty of sarees is not just limited to the draping, rather goes much beneath. And I mean without any puns, but the bra beneath your blouse is what I’m talking about. Hold on before you decide that I’m not sure what I’m talking about, because I sure do. Saree draping is an art through and through; getting the right bra with your blouse and saree style is a little more of science, though; pretty straight forward and yet, considerably complicated. I’ve curated some styles that should possibly cover the more famous saree-styles and the blouse styles.

And without further ado, here’re the five types of bra-styles in tandem with your saree styles to give you the best of this attire in utmost comfort.

1. Multi-way Bra:


Goes with most blouse styles and also proves itself to be a good investment in terms of usage because it goes well with dresses and other casual-wear, too. A+ for support!


2. Strapless Bra:


Although it won’t provide the needed support it works perfectly for off-shoulder blouse styles. If you’ve got a manageable bust size, you should definitely go for this.

3. Semi-Coverage single-hook Bra:


This is my best, most preferred type of bra for a saree with the signature saree blouse. It provides optimum support, comfort and coverage.

4. Seamless Bra:


Wearing that Chiffon saree with the thinnest fabric blouse ever? Fret not. Seamless bra to your rescue. It works best with T-shirts and formal wear, too, so stack up!!

5. Backless Bra:


This may be a little difficult bet but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. If bought in the right size, will provide support but comfort may be questionable. Highly recommended for women with higher bust size to not go for this.


So, go ahead and create the best out of these styles for your next wedding endeavour and have a gala time with comfort, I’ve seen all of these styles and more on Myntra, in case you plan to buy! And obviously, stay ertsy!


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  1. Ah! Sarees are SO elegant! My friend just went home to India to get married and I wish I could have made it out there for the wedding. Everyone looked fabulous. Good post!

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